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DES Procurement Training Update
-Sep 1, 2015-
The procurement reform law (RCW 39.26.110) which became effective on July 1, 2013, State of Washington requires all state employees whose jobs involve “developing, executing or managing procurement or contracts (for goods and services)”, to fulfill certain training requirements in order to be able to continue performing their Procurement Duties.

Information needed to comply with this training requirement is here: DES Procurement Training. For additional details, please contact Ray Hsu at 206 543-0793 or

The collaborative Business Review

One way to recognize what needs improvement in Procurement Services or a department process is with dialog on a regular basis to understand where departments are having difficulties interacting with procurement systems or processes. Our Outreach Program includes a department business review that focuses on pain points and opportunities to streamline department processes. We bring data in the form of a Departmental Dashboard Report, in addition to system and process specialists from Procurement Services to listen and problem solve collaboratively.

For a business review appointment, please contact:

David Wright


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Procurement Services eNews chronicles UW procurement news and information to assist faculty and staff in staying knowledgeable by providing tips and guidance, and details about upcoming improvements with UW systems or processes in our rapidly changing procurement landscape.

November 19, 2015 Edition       

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