About the Cardholder Training:

JP Morgan Chase has developed several web-based training (WBT) lessons for Cardholders that will provide a general overview of PaymentNet4 Cardholder functionality. These WBT lessons are intended to complement, not replace, the customized UW PaymentNet4 training. Please note that some features presented in this training may or may not be available on UW's customized user interface.

Web-Based Training Topics:

Lesson Description Length
Introduction Introduction to PaymentNet training 2 minutes
Log In Log-in standards and procedures 5 minutes
User Interface Navigation and My Profile 6 minutes
Transactions, Part 1 Review and Allocate Transactions 11 minutes
Transactions, Part 2 Authorizations / Declines, Statements and Queries 10 minutes
Running Reports Processing and Downloading Reports 5 minutes
Individual Payments One-time and recurring payments 5 minutes
Help Functionality Getting help in PaymentNet 4 minutes

How to Access the Web Based Training:

Cardholder training can be accessed using this link: PaymentNet4 Training. Alternately, you can paste the URL into the web browser of your choice.


The link for each lesson will open in a new window. When the lesson is complete, use the X button to return to the menu of lessons available. Each lesson includes audio and closed captioning functionality. Users can select their preferred method for taking the lessons.


Please reach out to ProCard office if you have any questions.