Boundless Innovation and Public Commitment

The University of Washington fosters innovation on its campuses not only because of its deep economic impact, "but because, more importantly, we know it can create a world of good," says UW President Michael K. Young.

We have a world-class community of thinkers and doers, such as Professor Jim Thompson and his team's groundbreaking discovery of waves as big as houses, and the biochemistry students, who turned hundreds of people loose on the UW's "Foldit" game in an effort to help researchers find a weak spot in the deadly Ebola virus — just to name a few.

The Husky Promise demonstrates our commitment to access and affordability for students who represent a rich tapestry of diverse passions and interests, all brought together by one common drive: to learn.

Going forward, the UW will continue to dream and work without bounds to build on a longstanding tradition of excellence while positively impacting lives on a local and global scale.


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