Non-PO Invoice

What is Non-PO Invoice?

Non-PO Invoice is an online tool in eProcurement used to make a payment to a supplier when a PO is not required and the invoice is under the "Direct Buy Limit".  Non-PO Invoice provides users a convenient means of making quick payments as an alternative to Procard while providing the same visibility users have come to enjoy with eProcurement.

Here you can learn more about best practices, when to use Non-PO Invoice versus other eProcurement methods, FAQs, supplier requirements, before initiating the Non-PO Invoice, how to initiate, approve a Non-PO Invoice, and get training.  Find the exceptions list, the access requirements and get help with Commodity Codes.

Some benefits to using this payment method include:

  • Faster payment to the supplier
  • Greater transparency of the invoice payment process
  • Increased budget flexibility

Access to Non-PO Invoice

Access to Non-PO Invoice is granted upon completion of the following two steps. Procurement Services will authorize the Non-PO Preparer role in ASTRA within two business days.

  • Review the online training materials and all Non-PO web pages
  • Pass a knowledge assessment with 80% or higher (15 of 18 questions correctly answered)

Non-PO Invoice versus Other eProcurement Purchasing/Payment Methods

Non-PO Invoice should be used for paying a supplier in eProcurement for goods or services when the items have already been ordered and received. In addition, the items cannot be found on the Small Dollar Purchases in PAS exception list and are under the Direct Buy Limit.

The Direct Buy Limit for goods and services is $10,000 (excluding tax), effective 8/1/2012. The table below specifies when to use Non-PO Invoice versus other eProcurement options.

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Before initiating a Non-PO Invoice

  • Familiarize yourself with the Exception items that cannot be paid with Non-PO Invoice
  • Review the Best Practices page for valuable information
  • Familiarize yourself with Commodity Codes
  • Ensure proper documentation is available for food purchases (form 1798) and payments to individuals (form 1632) link to forms
  • Have the invoice sent directly to your department.  Note that quotes, statements, proforma invoices and packing slips cannot be used to make payment
  • If the invoice you received is incorrect, request a corrected invoice from the supplier.
  • Obtain access: Review the training materials AND pass the assessment with a score of 80% or better.

Initiating a Non-PO Invoice

Access must be granted prior to initiating a Non-PO Invoice payment. Hint: For optimal performance, DO NOT use your browser back button. Doing so can produce inconsistent and often undesirable results in Ariba and is not recommended.

  1. Log into eProcurement: Click on the "eProcurement Login" image in the quick links box (right-hand side of the browser window)
  2. Click on Invoice Tab
  3. Click the Create Non-PO Invoice link in the Common Actions area of the page
  4. Enter the data exactly as it appears on the supplier invoice, subscription notice, or membership form
  5. If you have a manufacturer’s part number listed on the invoice, please enter it in the designated box on the Add Items screen. This allows the University to determine which items are purchased from multiple suppliers and create contracts for the best rates
  6. Be sure to add tax in the Header. If there is no tax on the invoice, add a header tax amount of zero ($0.00), and Use tax will be added for you
  7. Click Submit, read and acknowledge the Statement of Consent, click OK
  8. Record eProcurement-assigned invoice number on the hard copy of the invoice for easy reference
Click here for complete, step by step instructions!

Approving a Non-PO Invoice

  1. Log into eProcurement: Click on the "eProcurement Login" image in the quick links box (right-hand side of the browser window)
  2. Click on the Invoice Tab
  3. Click on Non-PO Invoice link under To Do
  4. Review and click Approve or Deny
  5. Provide comment and click OK

Supplier Requirements

Suppliers must be registered with the UW, active in the PAS Vendor database, and enrolled to receive electronic payments to be paid through Non-PO Invoice. If you are using a new supplier, please direct the supplier to the Supplier Registration Form and have the supplier register as a UW supplier. For more information, see the Supplier Information page and the supplier section of FAQs.

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