How to Liquidate an Encumbrance in PAS

How to Liquidate PAS Encumbrances

Submit your request to liquidate remaining encumbrances on purchase orders via an email to  The following instructions can help:

1. Check PAS requisition inquiry payment history screen and department records to insure that all the items have been received and paid for before submitting this request.

If the PO has not been fully received and paid, do not close the PO. If your budget is closing, email to change to an open budget number. This is especially important for POs with multiple budgets.

2. Send an email to and include the following text:

    • Verify completeness and accuracy of data entered, as this request will be processed by AP without further review.
    • This action will block any further payments.
    • Type PO# and Obj Code.  You can type multiple PO#s in one email
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