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Budget Reconciliation Guidelines

This information is intended to provide guidelines for regular budget reconciliation process.

Canceling a ProCurement Card

When a cardholder leaves the UW, transfers department or the card is no longer needed, it is necessary to email all cancellation requests to The card and viewing access will be canceled but it is the cardholder's responsibility to destroy and dispose of the card.

 CMS(Contract Management System)

UW contracted suppliers. Use the contract number to get the contracted price. Browse each supplier for contract information.

 Internal Controls

Financial Accounting's guide to internal controls

 Lost or Stolen Cards

Lost or stolen cards must be reported immediately to JP Morgan Chase and then to UW ProCurement Card Services (206-543-5252):

  • Inside the U.S.: 1-800-270-7760 / 1-800-VISA-911
  • Outside the U.S./Canada: 1-801-281-5825 / 1-410-581-9994

 Object Codes

Proper code classification is essential to the timely processing of expenditure transactions. In addition, these code classifications assist departments in interpreting entries posted in the Online Financial Information System (OFIS) and on the Financial Accounting System (FAS) Monthly Reports

PaymentNet Guide

PaymentNet quick reference guide

PaymentNet Transaction Data

JPMorgan Chase archives PaymentNet transaction data older than 2 years. Archiving affects your ability to research transactions on PaymentNet older than 24 months. Departments must download the UW transaction detail report on a monthly basis for documentation purposes.

Archived data will not be lost. If you need archived data you will need to request it through the ProCard staff via email. It may take up to 30 days to receive the data and JPMorgan Chase will assess a cost for retrieval.

The JP Morgan Chase statement is not required for retention but is optional.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact UW ProCurement Card Services at 543-5252 or email

 PaymentNet System Requirements

 Policies and Regulations

 ProCard Cycle

The ProCard/PaymentNet accounting cycle starts from the 2nd business day of the month through the 1st business day of the following month. ProCard transactions posted in PaymentNet in that period will post to MyFD after the payment deadline, usually appearing on the 7th business day of the following month.

  • ProCard monthly transaction limit resets on the 2nd business day of each month.

 Procurement Desktop Report

Procurement Desktop Reports (PDR) are a suite of web based reports developed by Procurement Services.  The reports draw data from the PAS Data Warehouse and JP Morgan Chase PaymentNet and are updated nightly or as new data is available.

 Purchasing with a ProCard 

  • Provides information what type of commodities are allowed and not allowed on a ProCard
  • ProCard limit increase procedure and instructions

 Reconciliation and Guidelines 

 Sales/Use Tax - link to Tax office web site

Use Tax Process

The “Add Use Tax” box is a systematic way of adding “Use Tax” to a purchase that requires a Washington state sales tax that wasn’t previously collected by the supplier. Be primarily concerned about out of state merchants for this function. Each supplier state location is identified by the merchant state box on PaymentNet’s Transaction List page.

more about tax...
  • A checked “Add Use Tax” box instructs the Purchasing & Accounting System (PAS) to charge the purchase a Washington State Use tax.
  • A blank “Add Use Tax” box instructs the system to NOT charge the purchase a Washington State Use tax.

It is the responsibility of University of Washington employees to ensure tax is charged to all UW purchases if the item being purchased is used in the state of Washington. Each receipt/invoice for ProCard transactions with an out of state merchant should be reviewed to determine if the merchant charged Washington State sales tax. The box should be checked if sales tax should be charged on a purchase that wasn’t previously collected by the supplier. If the Use Tax box is checked, Use Tax (Washington State sales tax collected by the end user) will systematically be added to the transaction prior to the transaction appearing on the BAR.

There are three data fields in PaymentNet that determine whether Use Tax should be applied to a purchase. If the tax box is checked, PAS will then look at the detail in the Sales Tax column, if tax is not identified there, PAS will finally look at the object coding to determine if this is a taxable purchase.

  • Checking “Add Use Tax” box will charge use tax
  • PaymentNet defaults to a blank “Add Use Tax” box
  • However, each morning the ProCard Office will check all “Add Use Tax” boxes for out of state suppliers (a vast majority need to have use tax applied)
  • The “Use Tax” box should be unchecked if you don’t need use tax to be charged to a purchase from an out of state supplier
  • PaymentNet will also allow “Use Tax” to be charged for Washington State suppliers when sales tax is not collected by the supplier (ex.

Use Tax Over Payments

If Use Tax was added to a purchase when it shouldn’t have been, please see the instructions how to request a use tax reversal:


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