In order to provide the most comprehensive cellular phone service and superior coverage across the campus, the University has established contracts with two preferred carriers, AT&T Mobility and T-Mobile. These discounts range from from 15% - 21% for UW Departments, 15% - 18% for employees and 10% - 15% for students, and are available to employees of the University and affiliated organizations (Affiliates List). Other vendors may also offer discounts.

The University’s method to purchase cell phones and to pay recurring cellular bills is with the UW ProCard. If you currently do not have a ProCard, please contact ProCard Services for advice on what type of card would be best for you and your department, or go directly to the ProCard application. Once you have a ProCard account, please follow the steps outlined below:

  • After you have obtained authorization from your department administration you may contact one or more of the cellular phone company representatives listed below, and have them help you decide on the proper phone and accessories.
    • AT&T Mobility can provide access to their live Web Portal to view phones, plans, and allow you to purchase a UW paid cell phone.
    • Verizon Wireless has links below to their "View Only" Web pages.
  • Ensure that your cellular account will automatically charge to your ProCard account on a monthly basis using the new 03-03-00 object coding for this type of expense. You will be responsible for viewing your account information for accuracy and approving the payments on-line in a timely manner or according to your payment due date. Any late/penalty fees or invoice disputes will be the responsibility of the cellular user and the department.
  • Use 05-40 object coding for cell phone devices/accessories.

Preferred Carriers

The UW has established strategic, preferred partnerships with two cellular carriers, AT&T and T-Mobile. Here's a brief overview of the benefits:

  • Best coverage on and around campus
  • Discounts ranging from 15% to 21%
  • Special services and pricing
  • Special International data and voice roaming
  • Both T-Mobile and AT&T provide funding back to the UW
  • Discounts for personal and family cellular service

To start or change your service to one of our preferred carriers, click on the service provider's name below for more information.


AT&T Mobility

Ordering Service for Department or University Use

For UW faculty & staff use only, please CLICK ON THIS LINK to access AT&T's Secured Web Portal by using your UWNetID credentials to review phones, plans, and to place an order. If you have questions about ordering AT&T products or services after visiting this site, please contact Nancy Gray, Universal Executive –

NOTE: Please be aware that AT&T will need to verify your identity via the UW Directory page using your email address so we ask that you please submit your request via email to assist AT&T in that process.


  • UW Departments 21% (most voice and data services)
  • Discounted text packages
  • No start of service fee
  • No early termination fee
  • Discounted phones

For Personal or Family Cell Service


Please visit:

Personal or family discounts:

  • 18% off most voice and data services
  • Discounted text packages
  • No start of service fee


In addition to cell sites around campus T-Mobile has four sites on campus/UWMC to help provide the UW with strong coverage. UW departments receive 15% off of most monthly voice, data charges and text charges. There is no fee for starting service or for ending service before the contract expires. T-Mobile offers a variety of phones and services including basic phones, Androids, Apple iPhones, a MS Windows phone, Blackberries and a Hotspot device.

With the UW discount, T-Mobile’s rates are often among the lowest. They are currently offering the UW unlimited voice, text and 1GB LTE data for $17.50/mo.

Ordering Service for Department or University Use

For department or university use, please review the available cellular devices above or go to T-Mobile's Rate Plans to view available UW plans and then contact:

Carl Done, Account Manager:

  • Email:
  • Office: 425-281-6282
  • Call to learn more about the benefits available through T-Mobile, please visit the T-Mobile Advantage Site. Or Call (866) 464-8662 option 3 to speak with a T-Mobile representative about specials. Reference promo code 2990TMOFAV
  • Business Care (For Technical/Warranty Questions): 1-800-375-1126


  • UW Departments 15% (most voice, data and text services)
  • No start of service fee
  • No early termination fee
  • Discounted phones

For Personal or Family Cell Service


Please visit:

Personal or family discounts:

  • 15% off most voice, data and text services
  • No start of service fee or credit check


Optional Carriers


  • UW Accounts Manager: Sheri Bucy (
    • Mobile: 206-465-9342
    • Please contact Sheri with questions about ordering service for new or existing accounts.
  • For tech support, billing inquiries, swaps, upgrades, or warranties, please call Premier Care at 800-927-2199. International care can be reached at 888-226-6212.
  • Discounts:
    • 25% off voice and data plans
    • 20% off accessories
    • Special discounts on phones and tablets
    • Waived activation fees
    • Free overnight shipping
    • No early termination fees

Verizon Wireless

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