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PaymentNet 4

Why can’t I see my transactions?

Separate Views for Users with Multiple Roles

JPMC released an enhancement effective 3/23, the online experience for PaymentNet users with multiple roles has changed. The roles will be separated and users will only be able to access one role at a time within PaymentNet. This change will tighten controls and ensure users take appropriate actions when acting in a specific role.

Click here to see the instructions how to select your role when reviewing transactions.


PaymentNet 4 is finally here. Here are several resources that may help you:

We are consistently updating our FAQs about PaymentNet4, and the answers you are looking for may be there. We are currently receiving a lot of questions over the phone and not able to answer all calls. If you have questions, please email the procard team at Thank you for your patience.

The University's ProCard program is designed to reduce the use of petty cash funds, small dollar purchasing and eliminate the use of personal funds.

The ProCard is a Visa purchasing card available for faculty and staff, provided they are permitted to receive one by their department administrator who has the necessary delegated authority.

All procurement card users are required to abide by all Washington State & UW purchasing regulations when purchasing with the UW Procurement Card. The ProCurement Card is confined to UW business purchases only, and must never be used for personal expenditures or UW travel related purchases.

The ProCurement Card system includes an online (PaymentNet) system for reviewing transactions and allocating transactions to appropriate budget and account codes. Payments for purchases are processed centrally by UW Procurement Services.

Oversight for the Procurement Card Program is provided by the University ProCurement Card Administrator and designated individuals administering the program in each department. Responsibility for appropriate administration and card usage rests with individual cardholders and departments. Procurement Card Administration monitors departmental compliance with the ProCurement Card program policies and procedures.


University Bookstore Purchase Policy

Due to credit card security concerns, University Bookstore will no longer allow any ProCard charges made by anyone other than the cardholder. The individual whose name is on the card should be the person making the transaction – this is consistent with ProCard policy regarding card sharing.

Cardholder phone order with associate pick-up: Identify who will pick-up item and that individual must present ID upon receipt of purchased item. (Card or copy of card not needed.)

Policy Regarding Purchase of Printers and Copiers

The UW “Managed Print Services” (MPS) program is a streamlined way for campus customers to acquire printers and copiers. Contact the MPS team before you purchase or lease equipment at: The MPS team will provide you with a quote for equipment to best meet your needs.

(Note: If you have an existing copier lease currently being paid with ProCard or Non-PO Invoice, you may continue to use that process until the lease expires.)

Having trouble running queries in PaymentNet?

You may need to install the latest version of Java:

Having problems running reports in IE 10?

If you are currently running Internet Explorer 10, you will need to click the compatibility view icon to be able to print your report.


Fraud Prevention Best Practices

Beware of phone/email scams!

We recently received some reports from ProCard holders receiving a phone call or an email from someone claiming to be from JP Morgan Chase; and wanted to verify some information about the cardholders' JP Morgan Chase account. This is a scam!

JP Morgan Chase will contact cardholders to verify unusual charges on your account; but they will never ask for the card information. If you receive a phone call from someone claiming to be from JPMC and asks for your ProCard account number, hang up. Call the number on the back of the card to reach JPMC to verify the status of your card account. Also, NEVER click on any links provided in the email message.


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