What are the BAR and BSR?

The Budget Activity Report (BAR) and Budget Status Reports (BSR) are paper-based reports that capture transaction (expenditure, revenue, etc.) and summary information (budget balance, allotments, etc.) pertaining to individual budgets. They are printed from FAS after an accounting month has closed. Departments who still receive these reports typically receive them during the 2nd week of the month and use these reports as a trigger to begin their monthly reconciliation process, for demonstrating fiscal oversight or to facilitate filing of supporting documentation.

For many campus departments, the online reporting tools found in MyFinancial.desktop (MyFD) have replaced these centrally printed BAR/BSR reports. All transaction data found on the BAR can be found in the MyFD Reconciliation Report, Transaction Summary Report or by running a MyFD Query. The information found on the BSR is available in the MyFD Budget Summary report, or, for multiple budgets, by setting up a MyFD Budget List. MyFD reports allow users to access data online which is updated daily and meet records retention and audit requirements. For information about the retention period or records retention policies, please visit Records Management Services

Departments will benefit from transitioning from receiving a printed BAR/BSR to using MyFD for their reconciliation and reporting needs. Additionally, MyFD listserv subscribers receive a monthly email when the prior month has closed and reconciliation can begin.

Benefits of Opting Out of Printed BAR/BSRs

Web-based MyFD reports

  • streamline your department processes with access to online data, when you need it
  • help the University to achieve paper reduction goals
  • update daily with new transaction details posted nightly
  • reflects final close figures the day following month-end
  • meet all record retention and audit requirements

How do I "opt out" of receiving printed BAR/BSRs?

Opting out is easy: The Administrator for your department must fill out the BAR/BSR Opt Out Request Form to initiate the process to suppress printing of your department's BAR/BSR.

To ensure that your request is correctly processed, please:

  • Be sure to indicate if you are opting out of department copies of the BAR/BSR, Dean's copy, or both
  • Be sure to indicate whether your request is for individual budgets or for an organization code
    • When supressing the printed BAR/BSR at the organization code level, you may find it helpful to create a Budget List for the organization code to see which budgets will be affected with this change

Our staff will request validation from the department Administrator listed on the Opt Out Request Form before system changes are made. Please review these suggestions thoroughly as BAR/BSRs will not be recreated after system changes have taken effect.

Before "opting out:"

  1. Ensure your department is following Financial Reporting best practices for Internal Controls and Reconciliation by visiting their website
  2. There is one piece of information found on the BSR, but not in MyFD: Budgeted Amount by Position Number. It is important that you speak with your administrator or others in your department about the importance of this data availability
  3. Verify which BAR/BSR copies you will be opting out of: a) individual budget level or organization code level, and b) department copies and/or Dean's copies
  4. Ensure all BAR/BSR users within your department have access to MyFD for the budgets and/or organization codes they are responsible for managing
  5. Notify the units impacted that they will no longer receive printed BAR/BSRs
  6. Update any department procedural documentation to reflect the change

After "opting out:"

The BAR & BSR will not be printed or distributed approximately 1-2 calendar months after the request is made for the following report numbers (see the upper left corner of printed BARs & BSRs):

  • Grant & Contract Budgets: AM28132-201D and AM28220-202D
  • Other Budgets: AM28130-201B and AM28215-202B
  • Administrators in Dean and VP offices may opt out of receiving Dean's copies of the BAR & BSR at the Organization Code level. This includes report numbers AM28131-201C and AM28215-202C.


Need More Information?

See our FAQs or Contact the MyFD Customer Support Team at myfdhelp@uw.edu