What are the BAR/BSRs and how are they used?

The Budget Activity Report (BAR) and Budget Status Reports (BSR) are paper based reports that capture transaction (expenditure, revenue, etc.) and summary information (budget balance, allotments, etc.) pertaining to individual budgets. They are printed from FAS after an accounting month has closed. Many campus departments rely on these reports as a trigger to begin their monthly reconciliation process, for demonstrating fiscal oversight and to facilitate filing of supporting documentation (used as a cover sheet for monthly invoices, receipts, etc). Those who receive these reports typically receive them during the 2nd week of the month.

Today, users have the ability to use online reporting tools, such as the reports found in MyFinancial.desktop (MyFD), in lieu of having centrally printed BAR/BSR reports delivered. For example, all transaction data found on the BAR can be found in MyFD via the Reconciliation Report, Transaction Summary Report, or by running a query. The use of online reports allows users to access data which is updated daily (instead of monthly), via the web. In addition, MyFD's online reports meet records retention and audit requirements. Regardless of the financial report used, records retention policies should be understood and followed.

Departments will benefit from transitioning from receiving the BAR/BSR to using MyFD for their reconciliation and web based reporting needs. However, it is important to understand that the BSR is the only mechanism for obtaining three specific pieces of data. It is important that you speak with your administrator or others in your department about the importance of this data availability. The two pieces of information found on the BSR, but not in MyFD, are:

  • Budgeted Amount by Position Number

Many of your “opt out” questions will be answered below. Should you have additional question, we would be delighted to consult with you! Please email for assistance.


Reasons you should "opt out"?

1. Web-based MyFD reports

  • meet all record retention and audit requirements
  • update daily with new transaction details posted nightly
  • reflects final close figures the day following month-end
  • MyFD listserv subscribers receive a monthly email indicating the month has closed and reconciliation can begin

2. Streamline your department processes:

  • less filing
  • less overhead for logging/sorting/distributing of paper reports
  • access to data, online, when you need it

How do I "opt out"?

Opting out is easy, but should be carefully considered. Department administrators must fill out the online opt out request form to initiate the opt out process. Take care to indicate whether your request is for individual budgets or for an organization code. Our staff will request validation from the department administrator listed on the opt out form and provide helpful tips and suggestions before system changes are made. Please review these suggestions thoroughly as BAR/BSRs will not be recreated after system changes have taken effect.

What reports will I stop receiving?

The two department copies of the BAR & BSR will not be printed or distributed. This includes these report numbers (appearing in the upper left-hand corner of BAR’s & BSR’s):

  • Grant & Contract Budgets: AM28132-201D and AM28220-202D
  • Other Budgets: AM28130-201B and AM28215-202B

Administrators in Dean's and VP's offices may opt out of receiving Dean's copies of the BAR & BSR at the Organization code level. This includes report numbers AM28131-201C and AM28215-202C.

Do I need to keep paper based reports?

Any reports you use to document financial oversight or reconciliation activity should be kept for the retention period. (GIM 2). Note that any reports (e.g., BAR/BSR, printed MyFD reports, or department-generated reports) that are signed and dated to document the reconciliation activity should be maintained in accordance with the University's retention schedule.

How can I opt out of other financial reports?

Functionality to suppress printing of other financial reports not listed above is not currently available.

When will I stop receiving the BAR/BSRs?

Approximately 1-2 calendar months after the request is made.

I didn’t receive my BAR/BSR this month, why?

It’s possible your administrator requested to stop receiving the printed paper BAR/BSR for a budget and/or organization code. Contact our customer service group at for help troubleshooting. They can help identify if a BAR/BSR opt out request was made or if the reports are being sent to an incorrect box number. Additionally, you can speak with your department administrator.

If I no longer receive printed copies of my BAR and BSR, where can I view historical data for my budgets ?

Online versions of current and historical BAR and BSR reports are available via MyFinancial.desktop Transaction Summary and Budget Summary reports. These reports are available for the full financial record retention period. For information about the retention period, please see the University's retention schedule.

My paper BAR/BSR is being sent to the wrong box number. How do I correct this?

Requests for Box Number changes should be directed as follows:

I received my BAR for July, but why didn't I also receive a copy of my BSR for July?

BSRs are not created for the first month of the Biennium - July of all odd-numbered years (July, 2013 or July, 2015 for example). If you are asking about a July BSR for an even-numbered year, you can see it in FIN until the August close.

Internal Controls Best Practices:

Ensure all users within your department, who currently use BAR’s/BSR’s have access to MyFD for the budgets/organization codes they are responsible for managing or need access to.

Notify users they will no longer receive the BAR’s/BSR’s!

Can I opt out of other financial reports not listed above?

Opting out of any other reports is currently unavailable.


Contact the MyFinancial.desktop Customer Support Team:

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