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UW faculty, staff and student employees are covered by university insurance while traveling abroad on university business. "Abroad" is defined as any location outside the U.S., its territories or possessions, or Puerto Rico. In addition, coverage extends to personal travel for up to two weeks when it is connected with university business. Assistance for medical, security, personal, travel and legal emergencies is available through the travel assistance company, On Call International. See the chart, UW Insurance While Traveling Abroad, for more information.

Injury and Accident Coverage

See the chart, UW Insurance While Traveling Abroad, for more information.

Medical, Security, Personal and Travel Assistance

UW faculty, staff and student employees have the following coverage from On-Call International while traveling outside of the US on UW business. Please note this assistance isn't available when traveling in the US.

Services provided:

Medical Assistance

  • Arrangement and payment of medical transportation
  • Repatriation of deceased remains
  • Pre-trip advice
  • Medical monitoring
  • 24-hour nurse help line
  • Medical, dental, ophthalmic and pharmacy referrals
  • Medical expense guarantee*. On Call will, on a best effort basis, coordinate with a member's insurance carrier.
  • Dispatch of medicine/eye glasses/dental prosthetics*


Security and Natural Disaster Assistance

  • Security advice and assistance
  • Arrangement and payment of security evacuation and/or repatriation
  • Lodging at a safe haven


Travel Assistance

  • 24/7 emergency travel assistance
  • Translation and interpreter referrals
  • Emergency cash advance assistance*
  • Replacement of lost traveling documents assistance
  • Emergency message forwarding assistance
  • Lost luggage assistance
  • Legal referral


*These costs will ultimately be the responsibility of the UW traveler.


Medical Evacuation

A UW employee will be evacuated to the nearest facility where appropriate medical care is available, as determined by On Call International.

Security Evacuation

If conditions abroad are unsafe due to civil unrest, a UW employee may be evacuated from the point of strife to the nearest safe and acceptable location, as determined by On Call International. Three days of lodging expenses at the safe haven and repatriation to home or to another safe location are included.

What to Do in Case of an Emergency

Before traveling, the UW traveler should print the On Call membership card and carry it while abroad.

In case of an emergency:

  • Contact On Call International
    • Collect:  +1-603-328-1358
    • Toll free: 855-464-8971

To ensure a prompt response when calling, the caller should be prepared to provide the following:

  • Your name, location, age, sex, and nationality.
  • The program with which you are associated: UW off-campus program in _______.
  • The telephone number from which you are calling (in case you are disconnected).
  • Your relationship to the member (if the person calling is not you).
  • Name location, and telephone number of the hospital or clinic (when applicable).
  • Name, location, and telephone number for the treating doctor, and where the doctor can be reached (when applicable).


Register Employees Who Work Abroad

 It is important for insurance purposes that the Risk Management office have a complete list of employees who work on university business outside the U.S. Please use the UW Employee Abroad Reporting Form to register. The form can be returned to Risk Manager at Box 351276 or e-mailed to Carolyn Wenzl at

Property Coverage

UW property that is lost, damaged or stolen while used abroad on University business is not covered; however, departments can purchase coverage through the Office of Risk Management.

Personal property that is used while abroad can be covered by UW insurance under certain circumstances. For more information, see the Office of Risk Management web site. Coverage may also be available through an individual's personal insurance policy or personal credit or charge card.

UW employees who have paid for their flight with their UW travel card have coverage for lost or stolen luggage and hotel/motel theft. See the Travel Office web site for more details.

Insurance for Student Groups

There is no automatic health and accident insurance coverage for students traveling abroad with a UW group. (Any faculty, staff or student employee associated with the group would be covered under UW insurance). This coverage must be purchased separately and the cost cannot be reimbursed by the university.

All UW students participating in foreign study or research programs are required to have international health insurance. This can be purchased at UW Study Abroad Health Insurance.

File a Claim

See Claims Services at the Office of Risk Management website.


Employee coverage
Student coverage
Spouse/Partner & family coverage
Equipment & auto coverage
File a claim & reimbursement
Travel insurance (aka Trip insurance)

Employee coverage

What coverage does a UW employee have while traveling abroad on university business?

  • Work-related injury or illness
  • Personal injury or illness for a two-week period associated with work travel
  • Accidental death or dismemberment (AD&D, aka 'business travel accident')
  • Medical evacuation to the nearest adequate facility, as determined by the insurance company, if injured or ill
  • Assistance in obtaining medical care for an injury or illness
  • Assistance in developing an exit plan from an area of civil unrest abroad.

See the chart, UW Insurance While Traveling Abroad, for more information.


Does UW insurance include health insurance?

No, the UW insurance described above is only for work-related injuries or illnesses. It does not include personal health coverage. University travelers should maintain their own personal health insurance plan and determine how this insurance applies when traveling abroad.


Does UW insurance cover the cost of an employee's trip if the trip must be canceled?

No, UW insurance does not cover trip cancellation expenses if canceling prior to traveling. The employee may buy optional trip insurance for this purpose which is usually not reimbursable or the department may choose to pay any expenses from a departmental discretionary 64-xx budget.


Does UW insurance cover an employee while traveling on a combination international business and vacation trip?

Yes, the employee is covered for personal travel abroad up to two weeks, if this travel is either immediately before or after travel associated with doing UW business abroad. The employee is also covered for personal travel on the weekends if on UW business for more than a week.


Does UW insurance cover an employee while attending a professional meeting abroad at the individual's own expense?

Yes, it is not necessary that the university reimburse for the travel expense to be covered under UW insurance.


If the federal government (or a professional association) reimburses a university employee for travel expenses abroad when rendering a service, is the person covered by UW insurance?

Yes, UW insurance is in effect even if the employee collects a fee. However, the work must be directly related to the individual's primary employment at the university, approved by the department and the honorarium must be for travel, not a consultant's fee.


Does UW insurance apply if an employee is traveling on university business in the U.S.?

Other UW insurance applies including coverage for work-related personal injury or illness as well as business travel accident coverage. There is no evacuation coverage or assistance receiving medical care for travel within the U.S., its territories or possessions, or Puerto Rico.


Is an employee covered by UW insurance while on sabbatical abroad?

A UW employee being paid by the UW while on sabbatical abroad is covered. A UW employee not paid by the UW or being paid by a source other than the UW while on sabbatical is not covered. Contact Office of Risk Management for additional information.


In the case of a university employee who is on a leave of absence from the UW to conduct research and is receiving a salary from a source other than the university, is this person covered while traveling abroad to gather information for research?



Does UW insurance apply for an employee traveling on university business in a U.S. territory (e.g. Mariana Islands)?

Yes, the coverage applies to business travel in any U.S. possession or territory, or Puerto Rico.


What coverage is available if an employee needs to be medically evacuated while traveling abroad on UW business?

The employee will be evacuated to the nearest appropriate facility, as determined by On Call International. Faculty, staff and UW student employees may, at their own expense, purchase insurance for evacuation to the facility of their own choice (e.g., a hospital in Seattle). The cost of evacuation insurance to the facility of choice can't be reimbursed by state funds. The cost can be reimbursed by departmental discretionary funds from a 64-xx budget.


What is the coverage for a university employee traveling abroad who needs to be evacuated out of an area of civil unrest?

The On Call International Travel Assistance Program is the coverage available for evacuation out of an area of civil unrest. Travelers to unstable or remote areas should register with the in-country U.S. embassy so they can be contacted and evacuated, if necessary.


Are university employees covered while doing private consulting or while engaged in private medical or dental practice abroad?


Student coverage

As a student traveling on university business, does UW insurance apply?

Only students who are paid through the university payroll system are covered by UW insurance. See the chart, UW Insurance While Traveling Abroad for more information. Students who are not paid through the university payroll system are not covered by UW insurance when traveling abroad.


Can program fees paid by students be used to buy emergency medical assistance and medical evacuation insurance for a student trip abroad?

Yes, student-paid fees can be used to buy insurance, if the insurance option of the program fee is optional.

Spouse/Partner & family coverage

Are family members covered by UW insurance when they accompany an employee on a trip abroad while I conduct UW business?

For short-term trips (under 90 days), coverage can be purchased from the On Call International website. Employees' dependents are eligible for a 30% coverage discount. Coverage for trips over 90 days is included in the UW coverage program. See the On Call International retail membership handout for more information.


Equipment & auto coverage

Is an employee's laptop covered when taken abroad while on University business?

An employee's laptop is not automatically covered when taken abroad. If the laptop is UW property and the department purchased coverage through Risk Management, then it is covered. If the laptop is personal property, there are several options for coverage. Under certain circumstances insurance can be purchased. For more information, see the Risk Management web site. Coverage may also be available through an individual's personal insurance policy or personal credit or charge card. UW employees who have paid for their flight with their UW travel card have coverage for hotel/motel theft. See the Travel Office web site for more information about coverage through the travel card.


Does the UW's auto insurance cover an employee while abroad on UW business?

Yes. See the chart, Car Insurance Coverage, for more detail. However, some countries (i.e., Mexico) have compulsory insurance that you must buy when driving in the country. UW's auto insurance isn't recognized in these countries. Check the Department of State Consular Information Sheets for the countries you'll be visiting for local insurance requirements.

File a claim & reimbursement

If an employee does get injured or sick while abroad on university business, how should a claim be submitted?

Contact the Office of Risk Management.


Can an employee be reimbursed by the UW for buying additional evacuation insurance?

No, the cost of additional coverage beyond what the university provides is the financial responsibility of the employee. Additional coverage may be purchased by the department for the UW employee with funds from a discretionary 64-xx budget. The other funding source for discretionary insurance could be a grant that specifically allows for the purchase of the particular insurance in question.

Travel insurance (aka Trip insurance)

What is travel insurance?

Travel insurance (aka trip cancellation insurance) covers trip expenses which are paid if the traveler has to cancel. Also, accidental death & dismemberment and lost property or baggage coverage may be included in travel insurance.

Expedited Passport & Visa Services

As of February 2012, the UW has a contract withs A Briggs Passport & Visa Expeditors for expedited services at discounted fees.

A Briggs is a service that secures passports and visas on behalf of international travelers who are US citizens, residents or long-term US visa holders. A Briggs works directly with the US Department of State for passports and with foreign consulates located in the US for visas.  This service is particularly useful when a visa or passport application must be expedited.

 What is a visa and when is it needed?

A visa is a travel document required by many countries, in addition to a passport, for entry to that country. Each country has its own visa policy. See the UW A Briggs web site for requirements.

What services does A Briggs provide?

·         Visa application processing on a non-rush, rush or emergency basis, when allowed by a consulate. Note, service fees are higher for rush and emergency visa applications.

·         Passport application processing which can be done in as little as 24 hours, subject to space availability. Note, service fees increase with the speed required for service.

·         UW A Briggs web site which provides up-to-date visa and passport document requirements, and links to applications and CDC immunization requirements.

·         E-mail updates of the application progress.

·         Web-based tracking function of application status.

·         Use of UW's FedEx or UPS account number for shipping. A Briggs can accept UW Procard as payment for services.

·         On-line access to accounting information for easy credit card reconciliation of charges and refunds.

·         Reporting tools that are available via web-based access.

·         An office in downtown Seattle in addition to 16 offices nation-wide.

For more information about this service, see the A Briggs Q&A.


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