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International Projects Administrative Guide

The guide is a new on-line resource for faculty and staff who are planning and implementing international sponsored projects. It was developed by the Global Support Program with input from a range of UW programs that work abroad. The guide highlights:
  • Issues that may impact how an international project is budgeted
  • UW policies and guidelines related to international work
  • Checklists, charts and contracts to use in planning, budgeting and implementing projects

Access the International Projects Administrative Guide in the Global Operations Support website menu.

The ´╗┐Global Single Points of Contact list has been revised with new contact information.

The list has been most recently revised on 5/12/15.

Tools in the Foreign National Payments & Tax section have been revised for:

  • Inviting & Paying an Honorarium to a Foreign National for Academic at UW (Checklist)
  • Pay Foreign National a Prize, Award or Research Study Participation Fee (Checklist)
  • Pay Foreign National as Independent Contractor or Performer for Services Rendered in U.S. (Checklist)
  • Pay Royalties/Rents Earned from U.S. Source Income (Checklist)
  • Payments That Can Be Issued to Foreign Nationals (Chart)
  • Tax Identification Numbers for Foreign Nationals (Table)
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