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Dear Colleagues,

When I started working at the University 20 years ago, I couldn’t believe the systems that supported the institution’s critical administrative operations were so antiquated. Since then, the University has grown significantly in scope, scale and complexity. In that time, we’ve hidden many of our administrative systems behind more user-friendly screens, but the underlying technology is still the same. With the launch of our new Workday HR and payroll system later this year, we are beginning to replace that outdated technology.

This launch marks a major step forward in the University’s efforts to modernize our administrative infrastructure—the first of several system replacements on the horizon. With it, we are leapfrogging a generation of technology, bringing a comprehensive, modern and integrated system to the UW that can offer the level of support and information our faculty, staff and students need and deserve.

For those who support technology across the University, this is an exciting time. The new system will reduce the effort of running side- and departmental-systems, enabling us to focus on more important work. It will improve our ability to support teaching and research, and provide an opportunity to work with new technologies. Product upgrades every six months will bring substantial innovations, continually introducing new HR/Payroll features and capabilities to the University.

The HR/Payroll Modernization effort is a major undertaking that has been embraced across the UW community with energy, enthusiasm, and the willingness to help. We appreciate all of your hard work to make this project a success and will need your continued engagement, input and support as we move down the homestretch into testing and prepare for launch. For those of us who have worked here since HEPPS and green screens, this has been quite a journey. We look forward to bringing you the highest caliber of IT systems to provide better support for your work and for our world-class University.

Kelli Trosvig
Vice President for UW Information Technology and Chief Information Officer
Sponsor, HR/Payroll Modernization


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UW to Remain on a Semi-Monthly Pay Cycle in Workday

Since the last issue of UW@Work, the decision was made that UW will not implement a biweekly pay cycle. This decision is the result of significant work by the HR/Payroll Modernization project team that has led to the determination that a shift to biweekly pay has too many complexities in UW’s pay practices, along with challenges in reporting employee hours, compensation and retirement contributions on a monthly basis to the State. Instead, the University will continue with a semi-monthly pay frequency in Workday, the UW’s new HR and payroll system. The pay frequency for all UW employees will remain the same as it is now, occurring on the 10th and 25th of each month. Learn more about this decision.

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Workday to Simplify Managing Academic Personnel Appointments

Hiring a new faculty member or academic personnel requires more work than just sending an offer letter. There are numerous steps in the academic appointment process that need to happen before the new person can be entered into HEPPS, the University's current payroll system. Usually the process requires a significant amount of research by the academic HR Partner in order to add the person with the correct track and rank into the system. Learn what will happen when Workday goes live.

Getting Ready for Change

It’s a fact of life: change is hard, people resist change, and people don’t like to change. Yet every individual frequently takes on monumental, demanding, and life-altering changes quite willingly, and often with a great deal of enthusiasm. Examples include: getting a driver's license and the independence that brings; graduating college and starting a career; getting married; or having a baby, which entails being up in the middle of the night with a “boss” who demands trivial administrative duties. Take steps now to prepare for the changes ahead.

Changing Times: An Employee's View of the UW Over 38 Years

Linda Anderson joined the University of Washington in 1977 as a receptionist in the then-called Staff Employment office. Over the course of her 30 plus years at UW, she has served in many roles, including office assistant, personnel assistant, employment representative/specialist and lead. The bulk of her career has been in the employment and recruitment areas. As the UW works to implement a new HR and payroll system, Anderson reflects on other technology changes she has experienced during her tenure at UW, and her perceptions of what the new system will mean for the UW workforce.



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Configuration of Workday Underway

The HR/Payroll Modernization project team is busy configuring Workday, or building the system to the specifications determined during the Design phase.  Learn about how employee data is being loaded into Workday, and how the new system will talk to other campus systems.

How Historical Data Will Be Accessed

With the launch of Workday, UW's new HR and payroll system, most UW systems currently used for tracking employee data will no longer be used. However, this doesn’t mean that the data in those systems will be inaccessible. Understand how historical data will be managed when Workday is live.


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You've Got Questions, We've Got Answers

With Workday, the University of Washington will have a new system to store employee HR and payroll information. The following questions about historical data were sent into the HR/Payroll Modernization project by employees from across the University.

  • What will we do with historical data from HEPPS, and how will employees access it?
  • Historical employee data that will only be stored in the enterprise data warehouse is often needed by HR consultants in HR Employee Relations. Can this be made easily accessible to the HR consultants?
  • If Workday will not house historical employee data, how and where will we get this information to check for employee ID and UW NetID if the person was a previous employee?

See the answers to these questions.

Have questions?

Submit your questions to us and we will answer questions in this section of each newsletter. You also may view other frequently asked questions online.

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