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Dear Colleagues,

The Workday HR/Payroll Modernization implementation represents more than a best-in-class choice for the University today and into the future. It is truly an investment in our workforce. This “modernization” will bring huge wins from how we onboard employees and ensure they have access to their benefits and payroll elections to allowing managers and employees to complete HR transactions online in real time.

While this enormous effort and investment is called “HR/Payroll Modernization,” it is a misnomer. Why? The University has never had an enterprise-wide HR system. Instead, we have made do with HEPPS and OPUS, and through some strong and thoughtful work by the HR Information Systems team, along with our friends in UW-IT who have compiled informative workforce data.

If part of your job involves HR-related tasks today, you know there are lots of paper forms, hard copy signatures, and routing of paperwork to and from offices. Paper that can get lost, approval timelines that can get slowed down because a field was missed on a form, and general confusion as to where something is in “the process.”

Investing in an HR system will have profound benefits as those involved in managing human resources will be able to spend more time on client service while spending less time on tracking down approvals, data entry, and managing paper files. At the institutional level, a modern HR system will allow us to quickly and accurately comply with regulations and reporting requirements from the local, state, and federal level.

There has been an enormous effort by the project team, UWHR staff, and HR colleagues from across the UW envisioning how best to move UW’s human resources-related processes into a modern HR system. I am deeply grateful and in awe of their work thus far and look forward to seeing their work come to life as we move through the configuration portion of the project.

Mindy Kornberg, JD
Vice President for UW Human Resources
Sponsor, HR/Payroll Modernization


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Introducing Workday!

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Changes that Workday will Bring for UW Employees

When the University begins to use Workday in June 2016, the impact to most employees will be relatively minor. View a list of changes that most employees will experience.

Project Timeline Extended; Workday to Go-Live on June 16, 2016

The HR/Payroll Modernization project timeline has been extended by six months with a go-live date of June 16, 2016. Extending the project timeline provides additional time for change management, user engagement, and readiness activities. It also ensures the schedule is less compressed, provides additional time for testing and issue resolution, and reduces the risk of finding errors and workarounds needed after go-live. Learn more about this decision.

Changes to Key Design Decisions

Workday, UW's new HR and payroll system, will change the way some HR and payroll practices currently occur at the University. Following the decision earlier this year to remain on a semi-monthly pay schedule, some of the key decisions made during the Design phase were revisited to ensure that Workday and the new business processes best meet UW's needs. Understand these changes.





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New System Provides Human Resources Capabilities for the University

It might be surprising that the University of Washington does not have a centralized human resources system to manage and pay the more than 44,000 employees who work for the University. UW has relied upon payroll data in HEPPS – UW’s current payroll system – and many departmental shadow systems that were developed to help fill gaps resulting from the lack of a University-wide integrated HR and payroll system. All of that will change when Workday, an integrated HR and payroll system, launches at UW next year. Learn how having a modern HR and payroll system will transform the way the University does business.

Understanding Workday's Key Terminology

When it comes to HR and payroll, the University of Washington has its own language that is used across campus. Some of these terms will change when the University implements Workday, because Workday uses terms that have distinctive definitions in the system. As the University prepares for Workday to go-live, the HR/P project team will share key terminology updates to prepare UW employees for new terms and concepts to successfully use Workday. Learn the first three key terms.

Indirect Impacts: Preparing Downstream Systems and Data Users for Workday

The HR/Payroll Modernization project focuses on the replacement of HEPPS, UW's current payroll system, with Workday, an integrated HR and payroll system. As part of that effort, the HR/P project team is working with owners of enterprise systems and other downstream systems that will need access to the data in Workday. However, there are many unit or departmental systems that are impacted by this project that may not integrate directly with Workday. Learn about efforts to prepare downstream systems and data users for Workday.

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Open to Change: One Unit’s Choice to Embrace the Future with HR/P

"Change" can be an uncomfortable word. With the HR/Payroll Modernization project looming, Applied Physics Lab leaders Michael Kummer and Aileen Trilles are working to champion the changes coming from the project and the Workday system, while representing the interests of their unit. Their story shows how accepting change often starts with the choice to embrace the benefits.


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You've Got Questions, We've Got Answers

With Workday, the University of Washington will have a new system to store employee HR and payroll information. The following questions  were sent into the HR/Payroll Modernization project by employees from across the University.

  • Is my information in Workday secure?
  • Does Workday require training?
  • What is business process redesign?

See the answers to these questions.

Have questions?

Submit your questions to us and we will answer questions in this section of each newsletter. You also may view other frequently asked questions online.

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