HR/P Technical Team

Our Focus

The HR/P Technical Team has three major technical activities:

  • Data Conversion: Locating, extracting, transforming and validating the data that exists in UW's current systems and preparing it for loading into Workday.
  • Integrations: Designing, building, testing and deploying the integrations linking the new system to other systems both internal and external to the University.
  • Reports: Designing, building, testing and deploying reports necessary for the new system which cannot be found in the standard report library.

Current Status

An image of Jacob Morris, HR/P Technology ManagerProvided by Jacob Morris, HR/P Technology Manager

Thank you for your ongoing support of the HR/P project.  We completed the design phase on Oct. 31, and are excited to be in the Configuration & Prototype phase. This means we're no longer just talking about what we're going to do – we're starting to configure Workday and build key integrations and reports based on our comprehensive design process, and we've just successfully completed the Prototype 1 data load.

As we move quickly through the last 11 months prior to go-live, please ensure you know which systems will be retired and which will remain. View the list of key systems impacted. If you use any of these systems, be sure to learn how the UW community will access and share data in the future.

Also, take time now to review Workday's technical requirements. This helpful document outlines system memory and software requirements, display settings for optimal viewing and supported internet browsers. The information will be updated as Workday's requirements change.