HR/P Technical Team

Our Focus

The HR/P Technical Team has three major technical activities:

  • Data Conversion: Locating, extracting, transforming and validating the data that exists in UW's current systems and preparing it for loading into Workday.
  • Integrations: Designing, building, testing and deploying the integrations linking the new system to other systems both internal and external to the University.
  • Reports: Designing, building, testing and deploying reports necessary for the new system which cannot be found in the standard report library.

Current Status

An image of Jacob Morris, HR/P Technology ManagerProvided by Jacob Morris, HR/P Technology Manager

The HR/P project has experienced some big changes since our January 2015 Technical Team Update.

In late-February, the decision was made to remain on a semi-monthly pay frequency instead of moving to a biweekly schedule with Workday. The impacts to the technical team are not as substantial as some other workstreams.

The number of integrations remains the same, as data still needs to be transmitted between Workday and some downstream systems regardless of pay frequency.

In the data conversion space, the biggest impact is the technical implications from the functional design. Several design decisions have been updated. These decisions subsequently impact configuration, which data elements must be pulled, and where the data is housed within Workday. Therefore, the Prototype 2 data load was delayed.

The good news is that the semi-monthly pay decision also simplifies that data that must be grabbed to help units define "a month" for reporting purposes. We no longer need to worry about workarounds to translate biweekly data into monthly sums (such as monthly salary expenditures against a budget).

The extension of the project timeline, which you'll also read about in the May 2015 Technical Team Update, is also good news for us.  Downstream systems impacted will have more time to make the necessary changes and test before Workday goes live. Let us know if you have questions.

Partner Profile: Meet Cyndi O'Farrell

Cyndi O’Farrell, senior project manager, serves as the technical readiness project manager for the HR/Payroll Modernization readiness team for the Medical Centers. For the past three years, Cyndi has worked for UW Medicine managing a variety of business systems projects.  She has previous experience managing large HR/payroll implementations. Learn about her work with the HR/P project.