HR/P Technical Team

Our Focus

The HR/P Technical Team has three major technical activities:

  • Data Conversion: Locating, extracting, transforming and validating the data that exists in our current systems and preparing it for loading into the new system.
  • Integrations: Designing, building, testing and deploying the integrations linking the new system to other systems both internal and external to the University.
  • Reports: Designing, building, testing and deploying reports necessary for the new system which cannot be found in the standard report library.

Information for Technical System Owners and Business Owners

As we move forward with implementation of the new HR/payroll system, there are many things that we are doing to identify and inventory our current systems, data stores, and interfaces. A technical information session took place February 20 to provide business owners and technical system owners with key information about the project phases and specific timelines, detail opportunities for involvement, and answer related questions. View the materials from the session.

What is a business owner or a technical system owner? A business owner is a person who writes the check for the software/system in your unit and approves changes to that system (not necessarily the end user). The technical system owner is anyone who has rights and responsibilities to keep the system updated or make changes to the program.

What we need from you: We are seeking information about any of your unit's HR and/or payroll systems that interface with central systems. This means the systems your unit specifically develops (e.g., Leave and Time Reporting (LTR) or a SharePoint site that your unit uses to track time). Please provide the list of your unit/department's integrations to

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