Procurement / RFP

Following are the stages that were completed as part of the procurement process.

  • Planning: The UW released a Request for Proposal (RFP) to replace its aging payroll system in September 2012, following more than two years of planning work, high-level key activities, and approvals from the Board of Regents and the State of Washington. The new system will replace UW's current Higher Education Payroll Personnel System (HEPPS) with a modern, integrated system that will provide functionality to support HR and payroll business needs. This RFP involves a structured evaluation approach with specific deadlines and processes. For more information, please see the RFP document page.
  • Stage 1: An RFP bidders’ conference was held at UW on October 3, 2012, to provide potential bidders an overview of the UW’s HR/P Modernization and an opportunity to ask questions about the RFP. Representatives from 29 companies participated either in person or via web/teleconference. The HR/P Modernization’s Executive Sponsors were in attendance as well as members of the project to discuss efforts underway to support the new system, provide a walkthrough of the procurement process, and give bidders the opportunity to ask questions. The presentation and a list of attendees are available for viewing. UW received six bids and invited five of those to submit more detailed proposals for Stage 2.
  • Stage 2: Four bidders submitted more detailed proposals, which were received on January 15, 2013. One bidder was disqualified due to an incomplete response.  Extensive review of the three remaining proposals focused on functional and technical capabilities, bidder profiles, and the degree of fit with UW requirements. All three bidders were invited to the Seattle campus in February 2013 to negotiate key business terms. Extensive reference checks and financial due diligence activities were also completed as part of the evaluation process.
  • Stage 3: On March 27, 2013, three vendors were invited to participate in Stage 3; one bidder withdrew in April due to licensing and contracting issues with a sub-contractor. In this stage, vendors provided initial solution demonstrations, and submitted initial cost proposals, answers to additional UW questions, and contract issues lists. The procurement team continued to perform reference checks and other due diligence activities, evaluate cost, and negotiate contract terms.
  • Finalist Stage: The two remaining bidders continued to the finalist stage, where they provided revised cost estimates, engaged in negotiations with the HR/P team, and gave demonstrations of their solutions to representatives from around the University.
  • Apparent Successful Bidder: On January 9, 2014, the University identified Workday, Inc. (NYSE: WDAY) as its recommended bidder to implement the new human resources and payroll system. The Board of Regents will consider an action item at its February meeting to approve the HR/Payroll Modernization project investment plan, budget, and recommended contract award. In parallel to the Regental approval process, the University will seek approval from the Washington State Office of the CIO.
  • Contract Approved and Signed: Following approval from the University of Washington Board of Regents and the Washington State Office of the Chief Information Officer, the contract with Workday was signed on February 20, 2014. Implementation began March 3, 2014.