Business Process Redesign

As UW moves forward with HR/Payroll Modernization, the way we do our work will change.

An image of a business process flowThe Business Process Redesign (BPR) effort, which was completed during the 2012-13 academic year, involved nine months of intense redesign work involving many  HR and payroll functional areas across the University. The HR/P project team worked closely with more than 300 people from around the University to envision what such processes will look like in the future, particularly when complemented by a new HR/Payroll system. The outcomes from BPR helped inform the selection of the new system and provides a solid foundation for design sessions that occurred in summer 2014.

During BPR, the following actions were taken for each functional area:

  • Understand current state of in-scope processes
  • Document future-state workflows using best practices to standardize where possible
  • Determine changes necessary to implement future-state processes
  • Identify and quantify future-state efficiencies, reduced risk and opportunities for improvement

The approach to shape these future-state processes started with a higher-ed best practice, and followed with a series of sessions involving input from broader representative groups, culminating with a workshop that all units on campus were invited to participate in.

For additional information on BPR, view the BPR materials page.