Project Team

Image of the HR/P Modernization Engagement ModelLead Executive Sponsor

V'Ella Warren, Senior Vice President & Treasurer for the Board of Regents

Executive Sponsors

Cheryl Cameron, Vice Provost for Academic Personnel
Paul Ishizuka, Financial Planning Officer, UW Medicine Health System
Mindy Kornberg, Vice President for Human Resources
Kelli Trosvig, Vice President & CIO, UW Information Technology

Advisors to the Executive Sponsors

Ann Anderson, Associate Vice President and Controller, Financial Management
Linda Nelson, Director of Finance and Administration, College of Arts and Sciences
Ruth Mahan, Chief Business Officer, UW Medicine
Gary Quarfoth, Associate Vice Provost, Office of Planning & Budgeting
Betsy Wilson, Dean of University Libraries, Libraries Administration

Executive Advisory Committee

Ann Anderson, Associate Vice President and Controller, Financial Management
Curtis Colvin, Director, Medical Centers Staff Services
Liz Coveney, Associate Vice President, HR Administration and Information Systems
Rhonda Forman, Assistant Vice Provost, Office of Academic Personnel
Bill Shirey, Director of Enterprise Application Services, UW-IT Information Management
Cindy Gregovich, Associate Controller, Payroll/Travel/Records Office

Project Management Office

Cheryl Scott, Assistant Vice President & Program Director
Steve O'Donnell, Team Workday Project Director
Jean Boraca, Deputy Director
Lisa Coulter, Team Workday Solution Engineer
Cynthia Gale, Administrator
Bill Kirst, Team Workday Organizational Change Manager
Joe Kittleson, Solution Architect and Executive Director, HR Information Systems
Ryan Markowski, Implementation Manager
Tammy Munson, Interim Organizational Change Manager
David Sloan, Team Workday Project Manager
Lisa Yeager, Program Management Office Staff

UW Project Team

Abdifitah Abdi, Conversion Staff
Rhea Bevans, Implementation Program Coordinator
Keli Bort, Payroll Functional Analyst
Naomi Chambers, Business Analyst, Compensation Focus
Ternise Davis, Program Operation Specialist
Michelle Dumas, Executive Assistant
Marisa Graudins, Time and Absence Functional Lead
Ray Hsu, Contracts Manager
Karen Hunt, Communications Specialist
Joni Kirk, Communications Manager
Alisha LaPlante, HR Lead
Jeannette Lasseter, Program Coordinator
Ginny Montgomery, Payroll Functional Lead
Richard Moore, Program Operations Specialist
Arlene Murray, Program Operations Specialist
Kris Olson, Business Analyst Lead
Jon Petersen, Benefits Functional Analyst
Sandy Prescott, Conversion Lead
Daryl Preston, HR Analyst
Erin Roach, Benefits Functional Lead
Manny Ruiz, Compensation Analyst
Shirley Runkel, Academic Personnel Functional Specialist
Reiko Shigemoto, Business Analyst, Benefits Focus
Marylin Silva, Data Conversion Engineer
Sherrie Thissell, Compensation Functional Lead
Gwen Trentham, Integrations and Reports Lead
Noelle van den Straaten, Program Operations Specialist
Kelli Walton, Business Analyst, Payroll Focus
Lorena Ware, Project Scheduler
Jeani Wells, Data Architect
Christa Woodhull, Time/Absence Functional Analyst

Team Workday/IBM

Naveen Athuluru, Project Management Support
Paige Bayliss, Project Executive
Sarah Campbell, Compensation Staff
Krsna Domine, Integration and Reports
Cecilia Lam, PMO Staff
Nancy Kleeman, Payroll Lead
Jennifer Kochan, HCM lead
Jamie Meidhof, Education and Training Lead
Bill Misiani, Integration/Reports Lead
Mackenzie Ordorica, Benefits Staff
Diana Quinard de Gold, Time and Absence Lead
Bill Radford, Benefits Lead
Irene Saenz, Payroll Lead
Vadim Sagalchik, Conversion Lead
Katherine Selko, HR Staff
Randel Tomina, Conversion Staff
Rohit Vij, Tech/Integration Manager
Leah Williams, QA Manager

Procurement Functional Advisory Team

Jackie Bardsley, Consultant, Bardsley Associates
Katy Dwyer, Executive Director of Benefits, Benefits Office
Stacey Fauchald, Academic & Medical Staff Appointments & Compensation, Administration & Finance, Dean's Office in the School of Medicine
Michele Jacobs, Administrator, Psychology
Lisa McDonald, Policy Development Analyst, Office of Planning & Budgeting
Shelley Middlebrooks, HR Compensation Executive, HR Compensation Office
Shirley Runkel, Director, Academic Human Resources

Procurement Technical Advisory Group

Michael Brogan, Technical Lead, Identity and Access Management, UW-IT
Dan Comden, Access Technology Consultant, UW Technology Services, Access Technology Lab, UW Tech Services
Doug Divine, Senior Enterprise Analyst, Finance and Facilities (DSC), OPB
Kerry Lamb, Technology Manager, Information Management, UW-IT
Alan Lechtenberg, Technology Manager, Information Systems, UW-IT
Juan Mascarelo, Assistant Director, UW Information Technology-NDT, UW-IT
Nancy McQuillen, Metadata Manager, Information Management, UW-IT
Karin Roberts, Assistant Director, Academic & Collaborative Applications, UW-IT
Elizabeth Runkle, Database Administrator, IM Enterprise Platforms - DBA, UW-IT
Paul Schurr, Integration Architect, Application Infrastructure Engineering, UW-IT
Daniel Schwalbe, Assistant Director of Security Services, Office of the CISO
Andy Ward, Manager, UW-IT

Technical Advisory Group

Chuck Benson, Assistant Director, Facilities Services
Larry Calter, Chief Information Officer, Housing & Food Services
Anja Canfield-Budde, Director, Information Management
Nathan Dors, Assistant Director, Computing Infrastructure
John Drew, Director, Graduate School
Brent Holterman, Assistant Director, Information Management
Joe Kittleson, Executive Director, HR Information Services
Jeanne Marie Isola, Director, Information Management
Jason Myers, Associate Director, Office of Research Information Services
Luan Ong, Senior Computer Specialist, UW Medicine IT Services
Jim Phelps, Director, IT Services and Strategic Sourcing
Aaron Powell, Associate Vice PResident, Information Management
Gary Prohaska, Director, Computing Infrastructure
Daniel Schwalbe, Assistant Director, Chief Information Security Officer
Bill Shirey, Director, Information Management
Matt Tuller, Assistant Director, UW Medicine IT Services
Bill Yock, Director, Information Management


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