PAS Purchasing Functionality is going away after 2015

PAS is in Final Stage of Closing. We continue to be on schedule in shutting down PAS for all purchasing functions. More information about the PAS shutdown is on the Closing Purchasing & Accounts Payable System (PAS) webpage.

Any outdated references about purchasing options in PAS are in the process of being removed and/or edited on the Procurement Services website. Use an eProcurement preferred purchasing option or a UW ProCard for all future purchases. 

See the eProcurement Quick Reference Guide for information about how you can use eProcurement for a variety of procurement functions. Please contact Procurement Customer Service at 206-543-4500 if additional guidance is needed.

Topics Covered Below:

PAS Requisitions

PAS requisitions are submitted by campus departments to initiate some purchases above the direct buy limit of goods and services when the item/service is not available through eProcurement (Ariba).

When to Use

PAS requisitions may only be used for the purchase of items that meet the following criteria:

Attachments and Additional Forms

PAS Requisition Document Attachment form

Online form to attach Agreements, Contracts, Quotes, etc. (no invoices please) for the assigned Procurement Services Buyer to review.

Sole Source eForms

A sole source purchase means that only one supplier (source), to the best of the requestor's knowledge and belief, based upon thorough research, is capable of delivering the required product or service. A sole source is a method of acquisition and it is not used to avoid competitive bidding. Click "Read More" for information on sole source eforms by commodity, instructions, and examples of completed eforms.

Food Approval Form

University and Washington State policies allow for the purchase of meals and light refreshments for employees, students, and official guests under certain criteria. Click "Read More" for a food approval matrix and policy.




PAS Access Form

Access to PAS to create, review, and/or approve a requisition requires administrative access be granted to the user. Click "Read More" for information on getting access to PAS.


PAS Purchase Order eLearning - Creating a Requisition

Instructions for campus departments on how to create a requisition (purchase order) in PAS.


PAS Purchase Order eLearning - Entering Small Dollar Requisitions Video

Video instructions on how to create a small dollar (under $5000) requisition (purchase order) in PAS.


Object/Sub-Object Codes

Object codes (sometimes called Account Codes or Revenue Codes) are six-digit numbers that are used to categorize actual expenses, budgeted amounts, and encumbrances into categories that describe the nature of the goods or services purchased. Click "Read More" for a list of current object codes and a description of what the object code is used for.


Machinery & Equipment (M&E) Sales/Use Tax Exemption

Equipment purchased for certain University research and development activities may qualify for a sales tax exemption allowed under RCW 82.08.05656, known as the Machinery and Equipment Tax Exemption, or M&E Tax Exemption. Exemptions are flagged when creating a PAS requisition and reviewed by the Equipment Inventory Office.


PAS Guide

UW IT's online guide to the PAS system. Contains instructions for PAS related work, including Requisition Entry, Approval, and Corrections, etc. (Note to users: The information contained on this link has not been updated to reflect some of the newer PAS screens and fields. Screenshots and instructions may not match the current PAS version.)


What UW Departments Need to Know

PAS Requisition Pathway

Pathway steps from when a department enters a requisition to when the buyer sends the PO to the supplier.

Procurement Services Buyers

  • Have delegated purchasing authority
  • Are knowledgeable regarding specific categories of goods & services
  • Use purchase orders to buy good & services on behalf of UW
  • Establish and manage contracts with suppliers
  • Solicit competitive bids
  • Manage risk for campus departments, UW
  • Sign contracts and agreements on behalf of UW
  • Consult with campus departments about their purchasing needs

Please note: Purchasing Services personnel may need to contact suppliers via phone or fax when conducting a purchase on a department's behalf.  Purchasing staff are instructed to use toll free numbers whenever possible, however, if long distance charges apply, staff will place calls using UWATS and the primary budget provided on the PAS requisition will be used. If you want to specify a budget for these charges other than the primary budget on the requisition, please make a note to that effect in the requisition comments field.

Contact Information

Need help with PAS requisitions or POs? Contact us.

Buyer Assignment: 
• assigns requisitions to Buyers;
• collects attachments for requisitions
• can assist with budget number changes on requisitions

Additional questions:

Phone: 543-4500

How to Liquidate a PAS Encumbrance

Is your PAS PO complete and paid, but there is still an encumbrance amount on your budget? Find out how to liquidate any remaining encumbrances on purchase orders.


How to Update the PAS Department Contact Field

Step-by-step instructions on how to update the Department Contact field on a PAS PO.


Receiving and Returning Goods

Best Practices for receiving and returning goods.



  • Plan ahead for your purchases, whenever possible
  • Choose the appropriate buying method: eProcurement (Ariba) should always be the first choice
  • Consult with Purchasing Buyers
  • Know what you want to buy and describe the item clearly
  • If you suggest a specific supplier:
  • Be proactive about your purchase request:
    • check order status: use PAS “Requisition Inquiry” function (watch for requisitions in “need corrections” & “awaiting attachments” statuses)
    • ask questions (contact the assigned Buyer)
  • For increased efficiency in processing Purchase Orders, please include the following in the "General Comments" section of each purchase requisition:
    • Vendor contact email where completed PO's should be sent
    • UW department contact email address for cc'ing when the PO is sent