Ariba Roles and Authorization


Ariba roles are how the system determines what functions a user can perform in the different modules within Ariba. These roles are set up in Astra by the Authorizer for each department. It is important to note that different modules in Ariba offer different roles. Knowing what roles apply to which module, and what roles you the user have, will make for a smooth transaction when using the Ariba functionality.

Roles applicable to all Ariba modules:

  • Preparer - the person who initiates the transaction
  • (Funding) Approver - the person who reviews the transaction and approves it for processing

These roles are straightforward, however they often do not provide enough review for departments who are cautious about how their funds are used. Additional roles are available for the different modules to facilitate extra review. See the chart below to discover which modules have which roles and any restrictions to be aware of.


Module Preparer Pre-Approved Preparer Approver Commodity (Ethanol Alcohol Approver) Watcher Restrictions
Catalog Ordering X X X X X Only authorized commodity approvers may place orders for ethanol alcohol
Non-Catalog Ordering X X X X X  



Module Preparer Pre-Approved Preparer Funding Approver

Compliance Approver


Commodity (Ethanol Alcohol) Approver Watcher Restrictions
eTravel X   X



eReimbursement X   X X   X  
Non-PO Invoice X   X X   X Users must review the Non-PO Invoice course slides and pass a brief assessment test to receive the Preparer role
P2I X   X X     All P2I payment forms are reviewed for accuracy by the TIN Matcher in Accounts Payable


Other Roles



Ariba authorization management occurs within the organizational units using Astra, allowing the most direct and efficient method for managing multiple roles. Authorization for each User is set up by the unit Authorizer in each department. Authorizers grant users access on either a budget, org code, or commodity level, depending on the Ariba application.

Learn how to set up Ariba authorizations in Astra:

*Note that both documents include instructions on how to set up Astra authorization for the Alcohol commodity role.



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