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What Suppliers Need to Know

Solicitation Process

The University conducts solicitations electronically through the University’s Ariba Sourcing Network and suppliers are required to submit their responses via this method. The University utilizes the Washington Electronic Business Solution (WEBS) to post notices for competitive solicitations over $100,000. The notices posted in WEBS contain details related to the solicitation type, size and scope intended to inform suppliers of relevant opportunities available at the University.


UW Supplier Registration

UW Procurement Services has an online supplier registration portal for suppliers doing business with the University. This replaces all paper supplier registration forms, including the IRS W-9, and allows suppliers to register online, making the process more user-friendly and efficient. A current UW supplier registration must be on file in order to do business and get paid.


Ariba Network

The University is transitioning from its legacy purchasing system to the Ariba eCommerce platform for its procurement transactions. Since this is a managed transition, the University will contact its suppliers and provide instructions on how to enroll in the program.

Registering for the Ariba Network will allow you to:

  • Receive purchase orders electronically from the University
  • Create and transmit invoices electronically to the University
  • Receive notice of competitive solicitations
  • Expand business opportunities through exposure to other potential customers using the Ariba network

Getting Paid

Registered UW suppliers will enroll for electronic payments during the onboarding process. The University of Washington's recommended payment method is by bank payment card, also known as ePayables. Additional information is available for our suppliers regarding payment inquiries, credits and refunds.



The operations of the University of Washington are very diverse with a number of departments placing orders for goods and services. You should include sales tax on all invoices unless the items ordered:

  • Are indicated as being purchased for resale,
  • Are indicated as being purchased for use in doctor prescribed treatment of medical patients,
  • Are indicated as being delivered (shipped) directly to an out-of-state address;
  • Or, are otherwise specifically exempted from sales tax by the Revised Code of Washington.

Foreign Suppliers

Foreign suppliers should not use the UW Supplier Registration Form. Additional information is available for foreign individuals and entities regarding doing business with the University, tax, payments and Customs clearance.


UW Supplier Orientation

We’re pleased to offer potential suppliers for the University of Washington a learning opportunity that will assist in navigating potential business prospects at the University. Suppliers will receive information about the University’s purchasing and payment processes in Supplier Orientation sessions that are held at our offices located just off the Seattle Campus. Each session is limited to 15 attendees and will include a short presentation and an opportunity to network with other suppliers, Procurement Services and the Business Diversity staff.


Supplier Diversity 

The University is committed to providing the maximum practicable opportunity for participation by minority business enterprises (MBEs) and women business enterprises (WBEs), and small businesses in the provision of goods and services purchased by the University. Although it is the University’s goal to actively work with all businesses, the University does not require a minimum level of MWBE participation as a condition for entering into a contract.

MWBEs are encouraged to be certified by the Washington State Office of Minority and Women's Business Enterprises (OMWBE). The University also encourages participation by businesses certified and classified by the U.S. Small Business Administration as small businesses, women owned businesses, small disadvantaged businesses, Hub zone businesses, veteran-owned businesses, and service-disabled veteran owned businesses.


What Departments Need to Know

UW Supplier Registration

Supplier Registration is needed for:

  • New suppliers (not currently in the vendor database) receiving payment from UW
  • Suppliers that were previously registered with UW but have had their information deleted due to lack of use (supplier information deletes out of the vendor file if the vendor is not used for 2 years)
  • When the business name and/or taxpayer information or ID number changes, is missing or is flagged as not matching IRS records.

Ariba Network

The University is transitioning from its legacy purchasing system to the Ariba eCommerce platform for its procurement transactions. Since this is a managed transition, the University will contact its suppliers and provide instructions on how to enroll in the program. When a supplier joins the Ariba Network, their transactions in eProcurement will change from a manual ordering and invoicing process to an electronic process with less resources needed to place orders and reconcile invoices. Suppliers that you work with regularly may contact you asking for details. You may direct them to the Ariba Network page for more information.


Supplier Search PDR Link

Access the Procurement Desktop Reports (PDR) and select the Supplier Search PDR (direct link here) and search for the supplier by name, starting letter of the supplier name or six-digit supplier (vendor) number.

Placing Foreign Orders

  • Your department is responsible for your order, including any resolution of invoicing or vendor issues.
  • Prior to placing any order with a foreign vendor, you must first verify the company you are dealing with does not have sanctions placed on it by the US Government (which makes it a federal offense to do business with them):
  • Ask the shipper to include your name and phone number on the shipping label.
  • Include information about our customs broker for the UW who may need to assist with the importation of any goods.
  • Be aware that import charges may accrue for foreign purchases. However, many shippers such as UPS and FedEx, are also customs brokers and will usually clear their shipments through Customs.
  • If a broker is required, the UW has a contract with Expeditors International of Washington for this and other import/export services. US Customs and the Port of Seattle are aware of this and will generally notify Expeditors if something comes in for the UW and requires Customs clearance.


UW Terms and Conditions

The current UW Terms and Conditions are posted on our UW Terms and Conditions page. This page should be considered the most current version of all posted material.



Find our most common supplier forms on under Forms for Suppliers on our Forms page.

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