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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Our FAQs section contains a detailed list of questions and answers by subject area. Click "Read More" to search our extensive FAQs library. Don't find what you are looking for? Contact us at with your question.


Food Approval

University and Washington State policies allow for the purchase of meals and light refreshments for employees, students, and official guests under certain criteria. Click "Read More" for a food approval matrix and policy.



The Forms page contains direct links to the forms departments need for Buying and Paying at the UW.



Not sure what an acronym stands for or what a specific term means? Check out our comprehensive glossary of procurement and financial related terms.


eProcurement Quick Reference Guide

Not sure which eProcurement buying or payment method is best for your needs? Check out our quick reference guide!

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Purchasing Policies and Procedures

The UW Purchasing Policies and Procedures is now available online.


Getting Help

eProcurement Updates

Seeing something new in eProcurement that you aren't familiar with? Check out the eProcurement Updates page for the latest eProcurement releases and updates, as well as known issues and solutions.


Procurement Customer Service Contacts

Need to contact Procurement Services or just navigating our various emails for your specific need? The Getting Help page contains a complete list of contact information for our department, with separate sections for department and supplier needs.


Cache Clearing

Ariba and MyFinancial.desktop users have experienced lag times when trying to make entries. This is often due to recent system updates made behind the scenes. We recommend clearing your internet browser cache. This page provides step-by-step instructions for clearing the cache on different browsers.


Supported Browsers

Recent updates for some web browsers have resulted in users experiencing issues with some Ariba functionality. Click "Read More" to find out if your browser is on the list.


Requesting a New or Changing an Existing Ship To location in eProcurement (Ariba)

When requesting a modification to an existing Ship To location or the addition of a new Ship To address for eProcurement (Ariba), the request cannot be for a Residential or Supplier address and personal names are not allowed. The requester needs a UW NetID log in and must be the Department Administrator. If your request meets this criteria please submit the web form: Request to Add or Modify a Ship To Address Location in eProcurement (Ariba)


Mapping Old eProcurement Webpages to the New Procurement Services Webpages

Are you trying to find something that used to be in the old eProcurement Webpages and you are not sure where it is in the new Procurement Services Webpages? Refer to the Mapping Old eProcurement Webpages to New Procurement Services Webpages document.


Webpage Feedback

Do you have feedback on a Procurement Services web page? Was the page helpful or did you find an error? We would like your feedback and comments. At the bottom of each Procurement Services web page on the right side, you will see a link that says "Was this page helpful? Let us know." You will be asked to provide feedback and comments on your page. Your feedback will be distributed to the page content owner to review.


What UW Departments Need to Know

Procurement Services News

Stay informed of upcoming improvements to the many areas of Procurement Services by signing up for our bi-monthly newsletter. Each newsletter provides tips and guidance, as well as details about future system or process improvements to the many ways departments buy and pay within the UW. Click "Read More" to sign up for our eNews Subscriptions.


eProcurement (Ariba) Roles and Authorization

Provides guidance on the available roles for different Ariba functionality and how to get authorization.



Data Security Best Practices

Due to the overwhelming amount of scams and fraud in today's society, it is critical that UW employees protect UW data. See our Data Security Best Practices for advice and links on what you can do to protect sensitive UW data.


Scam and Fraud Alerts

When Procurement Services is made aware of potentially harmful scams or fraud, every effort is made to make UW departments and, if needed, suppliers aware of the issue. Our Scam and Fraud Alerts page is designed to inform users of current and past risks and contacts if you see these issues within your department.



Ariba Training Environment

Looking for hands-on practice in a training environment before trying the live Ariba system? Log in with your UW Net ID to the Ariba Training Site


Office of Naval Research Procurement System Approval

The University of Washington purchasing system received approval from the Office of Naval Research (ONR) having successfully completed ONR’s Contractor Procurement System Review (CPSR). The audit focus is on purchases made with federal funds. The current ONR approval is effective through 6/20/2017. This approval is documented in ONR correspondence dated January 31, 2014.

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