Ordering Ethyl Alcohol

Authorization to purchase Ethyl Alcohol:

Only “authorized users” may place alcohol (ethanol) orders in eProcurement. Alcohol authorization requires specifying a “limit” by budget(s) or organization code(s). Alcohol authorization is now managed directly by campus unit Authorizers. If you are not already authorized, please contact your department Authorizer.

“Authorized users” are those departmental staff who place alcohol (ethanol) orders in eProcurement. By giving an alcohol authorization to department staff, the unit head agrees to comply with relevant policies regarding the purchase, use and storage of ethyl alcohol within their unit. (See UW APS 15.1: http://www.washington.edu/admin/rules/policies/APS/15.01.html)

(Not sure who your Authorizer is? See: “Who can authorize me?” link on ASTRA web page: https://ucs.admin.washington.edu/astra/)

The Ordering Process

1. Log into eProcurement https://ar.admin.washington.edu/AribaBuyer/uw/login.asp  
2. Click on Create - "Requisition"
3. Enter "ethanol" or "alcohol" in the "Search" field (DO NOT PUNCHOUT TO FISHER)
4. Find required item by entering either the supplier part# or description of the item into the “Search” field
5. Check the box to the left of the found item and click on "Add to Cart"
6. Title your requisition on a Summary screen (mandatory)  
7. Verify that budget and ship to address are correct
8. Click on "Submit" to submit your order

Please remember that the University needs to carefully manage the ordering, storage and use of alcohol. We would also like to remind campus alcohol users to order frequently and limit storage to reduce risk and assure fire code compliance, and to maintain accurate system inventories


Departments are reminded that these products are flammable liquids that are regulated by the International Fire Code. Aggregate quantities must conform to fire code control zone limits. Stockpiling materials is not an option. Products should be stored in flammable liquid cabinets or dedicated liquid storage rooms and all items must be inventoried in MYCHEM. See your lab safety manual for more information.


Departments must maintain a current and accurate inventory of quantities and locations of all ethyl alcohol products, in accordance with University records retention requirements (6 years).


The UW Purchasing Department maintains Washington State alcohol permits and the federal tax-free permit for the University.  In the event an entity needs a copy of the University of Washington permits, they can download the two files below:

Federally issued Industrial Alcohol User Permit
State of Washington Special Permit

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