Glacier - Nonresident Alien Tax Compliance Software for UW Employees

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Administrator Instructions

Through a partnership with Arctic International, University of Washington will use the Glacier software to compile foreign national information used to determine the accurate taxing of our foreign national students, faculty and staff.  This will replace our current UW Form 1007.  Access to Glacier will be rolled out over Summer & Fall 2015.

This is a secure web-based system that enables the foreign national student, staff, or faculty member to track their visa, passport, entry dates, country of residence, country of citizenship, US address, foreign address, Social Security number or ITIN. Based on this information University of Washington is able to know if the individual is eligible for any tax treaties, has passed a substantial presence test, or has become a “tax resident for tax purposes.” When a record is created by the employee, Glacier generates a tax summary page and populates the appropriate tax forms. Examples of these forms are the 8233, W-8Ben, and W-4 federal withholding form.

You can contact a Foreign National Specialist at  

Employee Instructions

After receiving an invite into Glacier, all foreign national employees must create their own Glacier login & password.  Each employee needs to enter all of their data in the Glacier Tax Compliance software.  A completed Tax Summary packet must be submitted to Payroll.

Foreign National employees must file a personal tax return with the Internal Revenue Service, using the information provided on their UW Tax Forms.  Review our Year-End Information for Foreign National Employees web page for more information

The Payroll Office does not support the Glacier Tax Prep Software.  The International Students Service Office Tax Information web page has more information about Glacier Tax Prep software to assist employees with their tax filings to the IRS. 


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