Spirit Award in Creative Communications

photo of award medallion On November 6th, a Team Spirit Award Pizza Party was held for all 90 employees of Creative Communications. The event was sponsored by Ann Anderson and Frank Davis, to celebrate C2’s financial success over the past few years - very important for a self-sustaining operation!

Specifically, retiring a $400K plus cash deficit to the University, increasing revenue by over $500K in the past 2 years, and maybe most importantly, finishing the fiscal year in the black by an average of $200K for 3 consecutive years (after several years of deficits). C2 employees enjoyed pizza, pop, and cookies for all of their hard work.

Inspired by the Commanders Coins given to a few members of Finance and Facilities by a General from the Washington National Guard (to thank participants for a Lean Tour), Ann Anderson commissioned special commemorative coins to be made for the occasion, and distributed to C2 Employees at the function. These coins are purple with a gold W and a gold edge on the front, and are all gold on the back, stating Operational Excellence, with a large F2 in the middle for Finance and Facilities (and tucked into a clear plastic case) These were handed  out at the door to thank all C2 employees for their collective efforts in the financial recovery, and were a big hit. The coins were designed by Karin Mellskog of C2, and are generic in nature for future use within F2.

Frank Davis gave a brief overview of the impressive numbers involved in the financial recovery, and thanked the employees for all playing a big part.  Ann Anderson provided some inspiring comments on how far the department has come from the brink of a dangerous financial situation,  and how their efforts, including their Lean business practices, are a true University of Washington success story. In addition, some of the coins were also presented to members of the F2 Lean Team and consultant Mike Martyn for playing a large role in the financial success.


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