What is HR/Payroll Modernization?

HR/Payroll Modernization (HR/P) is a major initiative to replace the University's 32-year-old legacy payroll system with a modern, integrated human resources and payroll system. As the name reflects, HR/Payroll Modernization encompasses more than replacing a system. It also will provide a set of standardized processes to significantly improve support for critical HR and payroll work across the University, including the Medical Centers.

Current Activity

We are currently in the design (architect) phase of the project, which will run through October 2014. The key objectives of the design phase are to:

  • Standardize business processes for HR, payroll, benefits, compensation, absence management, time tracking, and talent management.
  • Develop the Workday system configuration requirements.
  • Identify key changes to existing business processes and impacted roles to develop necessary communication and training.
  • Validate system integration points with Workday.

Workday to Provide HR/P Solution

The Workday and IBM logosWorkday, Inc. (NYSE: WDAY), a provider of enterprise Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) for human resources and finance, is providing the HR/payroll solution. With the SaaS approach, Workday provides access to a shared multi-tenant system using a web interface and the university pays on a subscription basis. The solution will help simplify the UW's internal technology maintenance functions and ensure that UW is always on the latest software release. IBM is partnering with Workday to provide implementation services. Watch a video about some of Workday's capabilities.

Countdown until HR/Payroll Modernization Go-Live!