What is HR/Payroll Modernization?

HR/Payroll Modernization is a major initiative to replace the University's 33-year old legacy payroll system with an integrated system to manage human resources and payroll functions. Implementing this new system requires coordinated standardization of processes across departments, units and colleges. These process improvements, paired with modern technology will improve the way the University does business. The HR/P Modernization program is facilitating the balance between people readiness and technology development to ensure the University can efficiently adopt these new practices, supported by new technology. ​

Transforming Our Work Together

Afer the initial launch of workday, enhancements will be added every six months, continually unlocking new capabilities. The system requires standardization of business processes across the University, and it will help us move toward improvement of these processes with each software release. The benefit of this model is that functionality is continually updated. The HR/P Modernization program is laying the foundation for future UW administrative modernization efforts by creating a framework for change and technology implementation that can be repeated. ​​​

What is Workday?

Workday is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) program for human resources services. The University has partnered with Workday to provide the technology that will enable the HR/Payroll Modernization program. Workday provides access to a shared system that will be used by all employees for key HR and Payroll functions. Workday will help to simplify technology maintenance at the UW, while improving the visibility and accessibility of accurate HR and Payroll data.​​​

Collaboration Site 

The Change Network is the working SharePoint site for Readiness Teams and their associated units, colleges and departments. This site is accessible to anyone with a UW Net ID. Click here to access the Change Network Site.

Workday Sneak Peek

View this video for a sneak peek at our new HR and payroll system.

Current Phase

The project is now in the Building a Cohesive Design phase.