Update as of February 25, 2015:

UW to Continue with Semi-Monthly Pay in Workday

Due to many complexities in UW’s pay practices, along with challenges in reporting employee compensation on a monthly basis to the State, the HR/Payroll Modernization project’s Executive Sponsors recently made the decision to maintain a semi-monthly pay frequency. The pay frequency for all UW employees will remain the same as it is now, occurring on the 10th and 25th of each month.

Continuing with a semi-monthly pay cycle in Workday will eliminate many issues that couldn’t be resolved for a biweekly pay frequency. It also will alleviate many of the concerns that employees raised regarding a biweekly pay cycle.

Though we are retaining a semi-monthly pay cycle, the HR/P project remains a transformative opportunity that will improve critical HR and payroll practices, strengthen regulatory compliance, deliver better information for decision making, and produce substantial efficiencies and productivity gains throughout all UW units. By updating UW's HR and payroll processes and the underlying system that supports those processes, the University will reduce risk, increase efficiency, and operate more effectively as a world-class institution.

The project team is now working quickly to analyze the impact of this decision on business processes, design, configuration and integrations, training and change management, and the many systems to be impacted outside the project. Additional information about impacts is expected to be available in six weeks, and will be shared when ready.

Meanwhile, the project work for the Configuration and Prototype phase is continuing. The project team continues to build Workday to UW design specifications and is validating employee data that was loaded into Workday.

What is HR/Payroll Modernization?

HR/Payroll Modernization (HR/P) is a major initiative to replace the University's 33-year-old legacy payroll system with a modern, integrated human resources and payroll system. As the name reflects, HR/Payroll Modernization encompasses more than replacing a system. It also will provide a set of standardized processes to significantly improve support for critical HR and payroll work across the University, including the Medical Centers.

Current Activity

The project is now in the Configuration & Prototype phase. Activity in this phase is focused on building out Workday to the specifications that were determined through the design phase. The project's data conversion team is loading more robust employee data into Workday, including benefits selection, compensation, academic appointments, time off elements, payroll withholdings and cost allocations. This data will be helpful as the system is built for UW's unique needs. During this phase, the project's functional and technical teams are conducting extensive testing to ensure that the system design works as planned. They're also making adjustments as needed. The project's integrations team continues to build out integrations from campus systems to Workday, and will conduct testing to ensure the data from a source makes it to the appropriate target.

The key objectives of the Configuration & Prototype phase are to:

  • Complete configuration and prototyping of system to ensure the system is ready for the Test phase.
  • Complete loading and validation of Prototype 1 and Prototype 2 data.
  • Complete development and unit test of integrations and reports.
  • Inform and secure buy-in from the University community about the project, impacts, and preparedness activities.
  • Complete preparations for the Test phase.
  • Identify recommended ongoing operating model.

Workday to Provide HR/P Solution

The Workday and IBM logosWorkday, Inc. (NYSE: WDAY), a provider of enterprise Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) for human resources and finance, is providing the HR/payroll solution. With the SaaS approach, Workday provides access to a shared multi-tenant system using a web interface and the university pays on a subscription basis. The solution will help simplify the UW's internal technology maintenance functions and ensure that UW is always on the latest software release. IBM is partnering with Workday to provide implementation services. Watch a video about some of Workday's capabilities.

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