Mentoring Program


Would You Like to be Mentored?

     Do you want support and ideas to improve your life?

          Are you struggling with career or personal goals?

               Do you need assistance in setting goals?

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The Mentoring program is supported by the FM Executive Improvement Team (EIT).  It was designed and implemented by the Diversity Team as part of the Diversity Initiative.  The program sponsors mentoring pairs and guides them as follows:


  • Each year mentees are matched with mentors for a one-year commitment in the mentoring program.     
  • Mentees can indicate their preference for a specific mentor. The Diversity Team will match mentees and mentors based on the information provided in the applications; the final match will be approved by both.
  • The Mentoring Program begins with a training class for both mentors and mentees. This training allows for team building, diversity training, and focuses on elements central to the mentor-mentee relationship.
  • Program benefits for the mentee include being able to partner with someone to support your growth and development.  Mentees will receive advice and ideas on career development and advancement from an experienced UW employee.  Mentees will gain networking opportunities, improved communication skills and enhanced diversity awareness and training.
  • Mentors/mentees are also invited to a mid-year training workshop designed to re-energize and support the relationship between the mentor and mentee, focus on mentee objectives, and use newly acquired mentoring skills from the workshop to develop meaningful goals.

The Triple Creek mentoring newsletter is another great tool available to mentors and mentees.  See the Triple Creek website


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