Operational Excellence

Lean – Operational Excellence Stems From Putting People First

In January 2010, Finance & Facilities (F2) began using Lean, as based upon the Shingo Model of Operational Excellence, as a comprehensive approach to:

  • Find ways to become even more flexible, efficient, and customer focused
  • Build a shared culture, beginning with common tools and vocabulary
  • Improve core processes by eliminating waste, redundancy and rework
  • Transition to a new and sustainable business model to address changing demands and reduced budgets
  • Build upon existing improvement work within F2, including the use of balanced scorecard methodology, operational-dashboard measures, quality and process improvement fundamentals, recognition, and teamwork
  • Provide a better work environment for all

Making Every Team Member a Problem Solver

“Lean is basically about two things,” says Earll Murman, Ford Professor of Engineering Emeritus at MIT, and former Co-Director of MIT’s Lean Advancement Initiative. “A mindset of continuous process improvement and respect for people. Lean is about establishing a culture where everyone has two jobs – the one they are hired for, and the other being to continuously improve it. Lean is about making every team member a problem-solver to continuously improve his or her work system. Efficiency and finances are outcomes.”

Unlocking True Organizational Potential

Adds V’Ella Warren F2’s leader, who serves as Senior Vice President and Treasurer, Board of Regents, at the University of Washington: “Lean has allowed us to take our current and future professional lives into our own hands. It’s channeled the creativity of people from all parts of our organization, and it’s energizing. We feel excited. Great ideas are coming from everywhere and everyone within F2 now.

Our 2010-2014 Timeline

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