Message from the Interim President

While I served as provost, rather than president, during the year covered in this report, what stands out to me about 2009-10 at the University of Washington is the same theme that has stood out in previous years and no doubt will stand out in years to come: the remarkable capacity of the UW community to create opportunities for Washington’s citizens.

At the UW, we embrace our role as a public university. We are deeply proud to carry out our responsibility to provide the people of our state with the very best learning opportunities, transforming their lives through experiences in the classrooms and outside the classrooms, through community and global experiences, through firsthand research and discovery, and through engagement in the broadest sense. Our commitment to being public will never waver.

With student tuition dollars now exceeding taxpayer support for the UW and with the loss of one third of the University’s state support, however, our relationship with the state has changed. It’s more critical than ever that we find ways to be flexible, creative, and innovative — more self-sufficient — in managing our resources. We must ensure the University’s capacity to continue serving our state for both the short term and the long term.

There’s no question in my mind that our UW community, working with our partners, can overcome this and any other challenge that might arise. I know of no other university where the faculty, staff, and students are more collaborative, more passionate about our shared values, or more committed to making the world a better place than they are at the UW. When the economy turns around, I predict that there will be a handful of public research universities that will come out better and stronger because they have thought ahead, planned ahead, and managed ahead. I am completely confident that the University of Washington will be one of them.

Signature of Phyllis Wise


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