Visitors and Students

Before the Trip

How to Arrange Travel

How to Pay for Travel

Foreign Nationals/ Canadian Citizens

Before the Trip

How to Arrange Travel  

  • contact sponsoring department for specifics on arranging travel on your behalf
  • you may arrange your own travel

How to Pay for Travel

Foreign Nationals/Canadian Citizens

A living allowance can be issued to Foreign Nationals coming to Seattle.

Required Documentation if traveler is entering/leaving U.S. :

  • Copy of identity page from passport.
  • Copy of visa (except non-Visa Waiver program)
  • Port of entry stamp or I-94
  • Copy of DS-2019 for J1 scholars.
  • Copy of I-20 for F1 students.
  • If the foreign national is Canadian, a copy of either his/her driver's license and social insurance card or copy of identity page in passport
  • Traveler on a B2 or WT are limited to 9 days of reimbursement every 6 months for meal and lodging per diem


Helpful Tip:

If address is too long to fit in check delivery information...

  • select UW Box
  • have check sent to preparer
  • reroute check through U.S. postal service


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