Non-Reimbursable Travel Expenses

  • alcohol
  • duty station parking
  • cost of daily commute between official residence and official duty station
  • lodging in a non-commercial lodging facility
  • tolls associated with use of high occupancy toll lanes (HOT) or associated with daily commute
  • trip / health/ travel insurance - unless required by the country visiting or program being participated in
  • health insurance
  • global entry service
  • airline club membership and fees
  • medical / hospital services
  • Data Global Plans
  • Talk Usage charges
  • childcare
  • travel expenses for spouse/dependents unless relocation airfare on final trip
  • per diem for spouse/dependents
  • mixers or social events not required by conference
  • Early-Bird Check-in fee/ pre-check service
  • duty tax
  • airfare purchased with airline miles
  • continuing education credits
  • foreign currency exchange / conversion / transaction, and or ATM fees
  • car rental for a relocation
  • Change  or cancellation of a flight that do not fit into the folowing reasons
  • exhibitors table at a conference
  • expenses / fees due to negligence of traveler
    • fines for parking tickets, citations or infractions received while operating a vehicle while on UW business
    • delivery of fuel for car rental or personal car
    • retrieval of keys from locked vehicles
    • jump starting vehicle
    • towing
    • missed flight
    • change of flights due to not confirming details before departure
  • expenses not essential to the transaction of official UW business
    • movie rental and other items of similar nature
    • transportation costs to or from places of entertainment and other non-UW business locations
    • personal telephone calls
    • tips / gratuities associated with personal expenses
  • expenses for personal preference or convenience
    • valet parking unless it's required
    • clothing or any other personal items purchased during UW business travel
    • car rental with person listed as driver/renter other than UW traveler
  • UW traveler must be listed as driver on rental agreement to ensure car rental is used only for UW business. Entire car rental expense is not reimbursable if person listed is not on UW business or working in conjuction with UW.
  • Consultant/consulting fee or any associated travel expenses. 
    • see Purchasing for reimbursement on all travel related expenses related to consulting fee.


 Check with funding source for any exceptions.

This list is subject to change at anytime.



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