Learning to manage your finances while in college can help you to master the art once you have left college. Living like a student while you are in school will ensure that you don't have to live like one once you have left.


A budget can help you manage your money no matter how little, or how much, you may have. Over a period of time it will help you to manage your spending so that you are in control, not the money. Make it a tool that will work with your lifestyle. Use a computer (there are many free budget worksheets available online), or put it down on paper, whichever works the best for you.

  • use cash not credit cards when purchasing disposable items such as food and entertainment (remember that student loans are for educational expenses)
  • carry less cash with you so that you won't be tempted to buy things on impulse
  • try to steer clear of ATMs as many have fees which can add up if you are not careful
  • record all debit card purchases and ATM withdrawals in your check register
  • find a job that works with your class schedule - there are many part-time and work-study positions which can give you enough money to borrow less and create less debt, or use the extra money to make loan payments while in school

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Cut down on Expenses

  • share costs with a roomate or two
  • reduce utility usage as much as possible - water, heat, electricity, phone
  • check weekly ads for specials; clip coupons
  • make meals at home instead of dining out
  • don't buy more than you will use
  • use your U-pass, take the bus or train
  • carpool
  • if you do own a car, shop around for the best deal on insurance
  • watch for sales
  • buy at the end of the season when things are discounted
  • shop at resale, factory outlet, discount and thrift stores - but pay attention, the prices are not always lower than retail
Cell Phone
  • be aware of hidden charges such as early termination of service
  • keep track of your minutes and check your bill when it arrives so that you aren't charged for extra minutes at a higher rate - if you fall well under your limit, you may want to change to a less-expensive plan
  • be aware of charges for text messaging
  • Stay in - cook dinner with friends, rent movies, etc
  • Use the library, it's free! Check out books, magazines, DVDs, CDs, etc