Is a car necessary for first year students?

Because overnight campus parking is very limited and expensive, students living on campus are discouraged from bringing cars. There are many neighborhoods located within walking distance of the campus and for those a little farther out, the University is served by an excellent public transportation network that is available to students who purchase a U-PASS. Students needing a car on campus, however, must apply for one of the limited number of permits at the residence hall in which they are living.

What kind of recreational sports are available for students?

The UW offers over sixty different sporting activities such as archery, badminton, basketball, golf, handball & racquetball, martial arts, soccer, swimming, tennis, volleyball, workout facilities at the IMA.

What student activities are available?

There are over 500 student organizations at the UW. These include honorary, professional, social, service, sports, recreational, religious and fraternal organizations.

What type of computing services does the UW offer for students?

UW Technology oversees a broad range of campus-wide computing as computer labs, email, computing classes, and web publishing.

How are roommate disputes resolved in resident halls?

Professional residence hall staff are available to assist students with roommate difficulties. Although most disputes are resolved by the students themselves, or with the assistance of residence hall staff it is occasionally necessary to re-assign students. Re-assignments may be made only after the quarter has started and after all new residents have been assigned a residence hall space.