Student Fiscal Services (SFS) oversees the central billing service for the UW (IR). The service meets the requirements of the state for the billing, collection and reporting of miscellaneous receivables for departments.

UW departments that wish to utilize the Invoice Receivables system available through SFS must contact SFS first to discuss the services that are offered. University and State invoicing requirements, and the fees mandated by the state.. After this initial discussion, SFS will approve and issue a unique invoice number series for your department which will be used for all future invoices.

Departments will continue to generate and send the initial billing to customers. Invoice records are also sent to SFS, who will in turn perform all billing requirements. This includes: aging of past due accounts, posting of payments, and collections of past due invoices, processing write-offs, and informing the department when a bill is uncollected. In addition, SFS will submit the receivables report to the state’s Office of Financial Management, which is required to be submitted annually.

SFS works with an outside vendor, Campus Partners, who does all the follow up billing and aging of bills. Campus Partners will provide UW departments with access to their system that tracks the bill, so they can verify payment or other information. SFS will also provide a central number and an e mail box address for UW departments to reach SFS with any questions or concerns.

All these services will save the department time, and will ensure that they are meeting state’s guidelines.

Contact Information

Student Fiscal Services
UW Invoices
Box 355872
Phone 206-543-7560

Receivables Procedures

If you choose to use this service from SFS, to help you understand our full process, please click here to see the procedures and a detailed description of the process that will be followed.

If you choose to manage your own invoices then please review the following procedures for guidelines and standards for the State of Washington.

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