Charge codes are number strings used to assign student account charges to particular categories of activity such as tuition, fees, loan repayments, etc., which have payment due on a particular date within a quarter or year.


Charge codes are comprised of a string of 10 digits in the following format:

nn yyyy q nnn
2 digits that (generally) classify the type of charge 4 digits indicate the calendar year of the charge 1 digit indicates the calendar quarter of the charge 3 digits provide a unique identifier

If yyyyq = 00000, then the charges are not associated with a year or quarter.

Note that some charge codes do not utilize the year or quarter as part of their number string. These are typically charges that apply every quarter that are deadline dependent (e.g., a late payment fee is automatically applied after a specific date to each student account with a balance outstanding) or manually added by UW staff in specific situations.

Charge Types (first two digits of charge code)

The table below indicates, in general, the type of charge identified by the first two digits of a charge code.

Prefix Ranges Description
01 Payment adjustments
02-04 Open (no charge codes)
05 Payment fees
06 Registration Office fees
07-10 Open (no charge codes)
11 U-Pass - Seattle Campus
12-14 Open (no charge codes)
15-16 Tuition and Fees
17-18 Open (no charge codes)
19 Housing related
20 Insurance/WashPirg/WSA
21 U-Pass - Branch Campuses
(Seattle U-Pass moved to prefix 11 as of AUT 2011)
22-49 Open (no charge codes)
50 Prior quarter tuition charge/Parking/phone/pharmacy
51-59 Open (no charge codes)
60 Administrative fees (e.g. orientation, transcripts, ID, etc)
61 Foreign study charges
62-88 Open (no charge codes)
89 Transfer funds from SDB to Heartland ECSI
90 Aid Repay - Financial Aid/Loans (used by OSFA)
91 Aid Repay - Scholarships (used by SFS)
92-99 Open (no charge codes)

Tuition and Self-Sustaining Program Charges (15 – 16)

Charge codes related to program revenues (i.e., tuition and course fees) are of particular interest.

Charge Code Ranges Description
1500000000-1500000999 Graduate fees/ESL fees
15yyyyq000-15yyyyq850 Tuition
15yyyyq851-15yyyyq896 Self-sustaining tuition components
15yyyyq897-15yyyyq999 Course fees/ESL fees
1600000000-1699999999 Self-sustaining tuition/program fees/other

Charge Code Examples

  • 2020094200 - Washington Student Association Fee for 4th calendar quarter (Autumn) of 2009
  • 1520101200 - Tuition charge for the 1st calendar quarter (Winter) of 2010
  • 6000000700 - Transcript fee - applicable to any quarter in which a charge was applied

Date Ranges

In addition to a dollar amount, all charge codes have an assigned due date that is used in conjunction with the charge code to generate reports for a particular quarter. Dates are typically expressed as a range (e.g., first day of quarter to last day of quarter) to ensure that the proper charge for a given quarter is reported.

Date Range Examples

  • 2020094200 Start Date: 9/30/2009 End Date: 12/18/2009
    • Washington Student Association Fee for 4th calendar quarter (Autumn) of 2009 for charges due between 9/30/2009 and 12/18/2009, inclusive.
  • 1520101200 Start Date: 12/28/09 End Date: 4/19/2010
    • Tuition charge for the 1st calendar quarter (Winter) of 2010 for charges due between 12/28/2009 and 4/19/2010, inclusive.
  • 6000000700 Start Date: 2/1/2010 End Date: 2/28/2010
    • Transcript fee for charges due between 2/1/2010 and 2/28/2010, inclusive.

Charge Code Management

Charge codes in SDB are managed by Student Fiscal Services (SFS). New program charge code requests are made to SFS through appropriate procedures.