Storage Request Forms

Watch our video that walks you through the storage process.

Please note: we have updated our storage request process and we now use an electronic version of the storage request instead of paper.  The storage request should be sent via instead of fax or mail.



Use this newly revised storage request form for all of your record storage needs. 

NOTE: We are phasing out storage requests received via fax and campus mail.   Beginning April 1, 2014, we will only accept electronic storage request forms. 

We would love your feedback on the new form!  Please contact us at or Leela Yellesetty at 206.543.0573

There is one important change to note in this new process:

  •     We are now asking for the name of the departmental Records Coordinator on the form.

The Records Coordinator is the person designated in your department to be the main liaison with University Records Management Services.  They will receive the Accession Confirmation report confirming the receipt, retention and storage location of the boxes on the storage request  form. You may continue to add an additional contact who we can call to arrange for the pickup of the boxes.  If you are not sure who your Records Coordinator is, please contact us at 206-543-0573.

Tips on Completing the Storage Request Form

End Date of Box

It is very important to include the end date of the box since it allows us to calculate the trigger that starts the countdown for the retention period.  The trigger depends on the type of record.

A few common examples:

  • For student records the end date is usually graduation or last contact.
  • For research and grant administration records the end date is the anticipated study close date.
  • For financial records for grants and contracts the end date is the date of the Financial Status Report.
  • For most other records the box end date is based on the date the documents were created. Please see the General Schedule for applying specific end dates.
  • If the box contains documents with multiple end dates, choose the latest in the box. However, we request you group no more than 2 years' range worth of records in a box.

If you're unsure what the end date should be please call us at 543-0573

Description Field-what should I put in this field?

  • Include the date range of box contents (items already past retention will not be accepted for storage!)
  • For research records, please include the name of the study and the PI.
  • Any other description of contents which will be useful for tracking the box-- types of documents, budget numbers, alpha and numeric ranges, etc.
  • You may find it useful to keep a complete inventory / detailed packing list in a separate document for your reference.







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