Retrieving Records

Retrieving records is one of the several services we provide for our clients. While we make every effort to pull and send the files and boxes within 24 hours of the request, please be aware that staffing levels may delay the return of a file or box. If the file or box is needed immediately, please let us know, and we will see if your request can be accommodated.

For Box Retrievals, submit request here.

For File Retrievals, submit request here.


Before submitting the file retrieval, please have the following information:

    • box id# or box location  (found on the Accession Confirmation emailed to your office-- see image to right)

    • file name

    • name of requestor

    • mail box number of requestor

    • let us know if the retrieval is in response to an audit, public records request or pending litigation

We need all the above information in order to process your retrieval in a timely manner. If you are unable to locate the information, please contact the records authority or records coordinator for your office, or call us for assistance.
Please note, we will only pull 20 items a month for an office. If you require more than 20 files a month, please call us so we can make arrangements for you to come and pull the files.


Found a file that needs to be interfiled into a box already sent to the Records Center?  We will file it for you when the guidelines below are followed:

  1. We will only interfile files, envelopes, or stapled packets of documents. Individual pages will not be interfiled.
  2. The URC assigned box id#, which can be found on the Accession Confirmation, must be written on the file or on a sticky note attached to the file. Any files lacking a box id# will be returned back to the office.
  3. If the box in which the file needs to be interfiled is already full, the file will be returned back to your office.
  4. We will only do 10 interfiles a month per office. If you need to interfile more than 10 files a month, please make arrangements to visit the University Records Center to do the interfiling yourself.
  5. Include department, contact person and phone number with each request.
  6. Send the interfile request attention University Records Center, Box 354910.
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