UW-GS 4 Materials That May Be Disposed of Without A Specific Retention Period


The following materials are considered to have no administrative, legal, fiscal or archival requirements for their retention. They may be disposed of as soon as they have served their reference purpose.  Please shred, recycle or delete as appropriate.

  • Document Errors: Incorrect versions of documents, forms or reports that had to be regenerated in order to correct errors in typing, data entry, spelling, grammar, or format.

  • Duplicates: Extra copies of correspondence, completed forms, bulletins, statistics, reports, hardcopy printouts from a database (including e-procurement purchase orders and reports), electronic files extracted from a master file or database, mailing lists, etc., used only for reference or informational distribution.

  • Extracted Data: Documents derived from a master file or database in the form of statistics, reports, hardcopy printouts, mailing lists,  auto-generated notifications and reminders, etc. Includes emails.  These records will be visible and accessible for their full retention period in the system of record and can be reprinted as needed. See list of electronic records that do not need to be printed or saved.
  • Lists/Logs: Lists/logs containing information tracked by a department from which elements are superseded as new data/information is received, where not covered by a more specific records series.

  • Miscellaneous Notices or Memoranda: Memos and postings that do not relate to the functional responsibility of the department (i.e., announcements of meetings, reservations, confirmations, itineraries, acknowledgements, form-letter thank you notes, etc.).

  • Preliminary Drafts

  • Published Reference Materials: Printed materials received from other UW offices, vendors or other non-UW institutions, which require no action and are not needed for documentary purposes. May include technical reports/studies, magazines, catalogs, periodicals, flyers, announcements, newsletters and other widely distributed printed materials received by a UW office.

  • Requests for Information: Routine memos or forms used to request, or respond to requests for, information, forms, mailing lists, database printouts, publications, requests for computer printouts, etc. Retain until after the information has been sent or received.

  • Routing Slips: Memos used to direct the distribution of documents.

  • Stocks of Publications: Supplies (multiple copies) of departmentally-produced printed documents which are superseded, obsolete or otherwise valueless. May include program brochures, booklets, flyers, forms, catalogs, directories, manuals, posters and other informational materials produced by a department for wide distribution.
    NOTE: One copy of all UW publications should be sent to Archives at Box 352900.
  • Transmittal Memos: Letters and FAX cover sheets which accompany a document, report, form, etc., that do not add any substantive information to the transmitted material.


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