School of Dentistry General Records Retention Schedule

This retention schedule provides a listing of records common throughout the School of Dentistry clinics. Although many of these records are now contained in CMS (or current database), the retention periods are still applicable to both the electronic and any remaining hardcopy records.

Please note, if you do not have these records, you are not required to create them. Because the functions of clinics differ, you may also have a Departmental Retention Schedule for those records which are unique to your clinic. If a record being created by your clinic is not found on this retention schedule or a Departmental Retention Schedule, please contact Records Management Services at 543.0573 or

However, be aware that all records pertaining to ongoing or pending audits, lawsuits (or even reasonably anticipated lawsuits), litigation holds or public disclosure proceedings must not be destroyed, damaged or altered until the issue is resolved and you are specifically advised that such records may be destroyed.

For all other records, please use the UW General Records Retention Schedule

Printable version of the UW School of Dentistry General Records Retention Schedule.



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