Questions about Grant and Contract Records

What is the "Financial Status Report" (FSR)?

For most grant-related financial records, the FSR submission is the trigger date used to signify the start of the record retention period.
This field is triggered by the following event, in order of precedence:
1.    FSR Submission: The date the Financial Status Report(FSR) was submitted to the sponsor.  FSR Submission types are Final FSR, Quarterly or Annual FSRs: for awards renewed quarterly or annually
2.    Final Invoice:  The date the Final Invoice was submitted to the sponsor, where no additional FSR is required.
3.    Budget Closeout:  The date the final budget reconciliation was completed, where the sponsor does not require a FSR or Final Invoice.
Note that for grants that are renewed on an ongoing basis, the trigger date is based on the annual or quarterly submission, not the final termination of the grant.
You can locate the FSR date for a given budget using GrantTracker.

My study is considered a clinical study, and I am not finding this type of study under the "Research Data" series. Which series do I use?

For studies that are considered clinical studies, use the "Research Data – Non-Biomedical Treatment or Intervention" or "Research Data – Biomedical Treatment or Intervention" series in Section 07 of the UW General Records Retention Schedule. Your choice would depend on which series description best fits your study.

I have a grant that started in 1962. Don't I have to keep the financial reports from the beginning of the grant?

State and federal auditors have a 6 year window of opportunity to audit financial records. The University retention requirements are established to ensure the availability of financial records that may be required for audit purposes.

If a research study is being transferred to the ownership of another university, is it all right to transfer the research data to the other university?

Yes it is. However, please review Grants Information Memorandum 37 to ensure the principal investigator is aware of the compliance issues regarding the transfer of research data.


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