The following electronic records do not have to be saved or printed because they are extracted from a master file or database.  Reports printed from a database are considered duplicates and can be destroyed as soon as they have served their reference purpose. They will be visible and accessible for their full retention period in the system of record and can be reprinted as needed. You should never print e-mails - the official copy is the original digital version.

For those rare sponsored budgets that do not submit financial status reports at least annually, you will need to continue to keep your own copies of ISDs, CTIs, and invoices for the full retention period. (See the Research and Grant/Contract Records Section of the UW General Schedule).

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Financial Records

Procurement Desktop Reports-Post 2007



  • Accounts Payable (AP) Reports
  • Central Travel Account (CTA) Reports
  • Department Dashboard
  • ProCard Audit Reports
  • Requisitions Reports
  • Batch Summary Information
  • Purchase Order Reports



Library Financial Services

  • Online Purchase Order Status
  • Receiving Exception Report
  • System Generated Request for Approval
  • System Generated Request No Further Action Needed
  • Library System Generated Cost Transfer Invoices (CTIs)
  • Library System Generated Internal Sales Documents (ISDs)

Facilities Services (FS Works)


Creative + Communications

  • Physical Plant AIM/FME Online Invoices (post 2007)
  • Invoices

Mailing Services



  • Invoices
  • Expense Distribution Reports for State Budgets
  • Salary Savings Report

Motor Pool



  • Internal Sales Document (ISDs)
  • Maintenance Announcements
  • Long Distance Bill (post 2007)
  • Technical Services Equipment Invoice




  • Budget Activity Report (BARs)
  • Budget Lists
  • Budget Profile
  • Budget Status Summary Reports (BSSRs)
  • Budget Summary Report (BSRs)
  • Current Encumbrances
  • Customized Query Reports
  • Expense Transfer Forms
  • Invoice Status Summary
  • Invoices Cleared for Payment
  • Invoices Paid by Department
  • MyFD Monthly Close Notifications
  • NonRip Invoices Pending
  • Online Invoice Discrepancies
  • Received Invoices
  • Reconciliation Report
  • Reconciliation Status Report
  • Reports run through the Decision Support Center
  • Transaction Detail
  • Transaction Summary



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Human Resource Records

HR Systems

  • Employee Self-Service (ESS) Notifications and Confirmations
  • OWLs System Generated Reminders and Notifications
  • Temporary Employee Accumulated Hours Notification
  • Work Leave Summary Review Notifications


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Student Records


  • Curriculum Database Printouts
  • Grade Reports
  • Quarterly Grade Reports

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Grant/Contract Records




  • Certified FEC (Post April 2012)
  • eFECs System Generated Notifications and Reminders
  • Salary Transactions Details by Pay Period (Post April 2010)
  • Advanced Budget Request
  • eGC1  Now Requires IRB Application
  • Extension/Renewal of Advance Budget Request
  • Final Sponsor Documents Required for eGC-1
  • Funding Action Processed
  • Post-Award Change Processed
  • Signed Documents Ready for Retrieval

Grant Tracker



 Library Systems

  • Data Mailer Tear Sheets
  • Data Mailers
  • Hold List
  • Paging List


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Donor Records


  • Alumni Lists
  • Gift Activity Report


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