What are eReimbursements?

eReimbursements is in the eProcurement system. Reimbursements are for rare occasions when other procurement methods are not an option. Seeking reimbursement for UW purchases made with personal funds should be done only as a last resort. As with other procurement methods, you must have your department approval. Reimbursement are subject to review and audit and some cases may result in non-reimbursement or request for repayment due to your department policy.

  • Employees who currently receive their payroll direct deposited to their bank account will be able to choose to receive their reimbursement direct deposited to the same account. Payee direct deposit information must be current and accurate. Employees or individuals with appointments with UW can update their bank information through ESS.
  • Employees who do not receive payroll direct deposit will receive reimbursement by check, mailed to a designated campus box number.

eReimbursements are not intended to pay employees or individuals supplemental income, incentives, stipends, prizes, awards, or gifts. It is strictly to reimburse for purchases the employee has made on behalf of the UW.

Employees can be reimbursed up to $3,500.00 on one eReimbursement. The dollar limit per single item is $3,500.00. Do not split receipts over $3,500.00 in order to process through eReimbursements. Reimbursements over $3,500.00 need to go through a purchase order.

Procurement Services has been rejecting all employee reimbursements submitted via Check Request since September 1, 2012. All employee reimbursements (not travel-related) must be submitted through eReimbursements.

Information on how to create an eReimbursement can be found on the Create an XR webpage.

What does this replace?
  • eReimbursements can be used in place of paper check requests, petty cash and revolving funds for reimbursing UW employees
  • eReimbursements do not replace eTravel reimbursements
Who can use it?
  • UW employees in HEPPS who also have a UWNetID
  • Employees can initiate a reimbursement for themselves or another UW employee
  • If the reimbursement is for someone else they will be added to the approval flow to confirm they are due the funds
Who approves it?

eReimbursement approver roles must be designated in ASTRA  (Access to Systems, Tools, Resources and Applications) by department authorizers. Each department has one or more individuals who may authorize users.

Funding Approver roles can approve reimbursements based on the budget or organization code.  Funding Approvers can not approve their own reimbursements.

Compliance Approver and Watcher roles are optional and available for departments to establish through ASTRA.

To identify the ASTRA authorizer in your department:

  • go to ASTRA
  • select Log into ASTRA
  • select Who can authorize me?
  • login using your UWNetId and password
  • search by Budget or Organization Code
  • enter either the Budget Number, Organization Code number typically used for reimbursements 
  • select Find and Verify
  • select eReimbursement in the Application pull down menu
  • select Lookup Authorizers Now
  • contact appropriate authorizers and request eReimbursement Funding User Authorization

ASTRA authorizations that are designated by 6:00 pm become effective in eReimbursement the following day.

Additional approvers can be added to each eReimbursement on an ad hoc basis.

Payees who did not initiate the eReimbursement will be added to the approver flow to confirm the amount due to them. Payees submitting and approving their reimbursement certify the items and totals are proper charges for materials, merchandise or services furnished to the University of Washington.

What do I do with the receipts?
  • Receipts should be electronically attached to the eReimbursement form within Ariba as the document of record
  • The size limit for an attachment in Ariba is 4MB
  • For destruction of receipts after scanning, each department must create a scanning policy that is in compliance with Records Management
  • Note: $75 Receipt Waiver
    • OFM has approved a receipt requirements waiver for purchases up to $75 which has been reviewed and approved by UW Internal Audit.
    • It is not mandatory to use the $75 receipt waiver. However, individual departments have the discretion to implement this. If a department decides to use the waiver, then it must be written in the department's internal policies, contingency procedures and communicated to those impacted by the change.
    • The purpose of the waiver is to save departments time from chasing after missing documentation of allowable department purchases that is evident of its business purpose, i.e., registration, membership fee, office supplies, etc. Departments may require purchase receipts or documentation for transactions that have a high risk of fraud or misuse.
    • It is strongly recommended that departments thoroughly review and understand the budget Reconciliation Guidelines, as well as the records retention guidelines on a regular basis.
Know before you begin
  • eReimbursements is open-access, which means anyone with access to eReimbursements will be able to view and initiate a reimbursement
  • Users should not include personal information (bank accounts, home addresses, credit or debit card numbers, etc.) and should take care to block out personal information on the receipts
  • Ensure forms for food purchases are kept on file in your department
  • eReimbursements can be identified in MyFD with the unique identifier prefix of "XR"

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