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Upcoming Classroom Training Opportunities

See what classes Procurement Services is currently offering. Trainings list class descriptions, dates, times, and links to register.


Independent Study

Independent Study offers an alternative to attending live, scheduled classes by providing students with eLearning Tutorials and Pre-recorded presentations. These offer a quick way to get the information you need, when you need it. At the end of each, you will have an opportunity to tell us what you think of the information and provide feedback.


Training for New Suppliers

We’re pleased to offer potential suppliers for the University of Washington a learning opportunity that will assist in navigating potential business prospects at the University. Suppliers will receive information about the University’s purchasing and payment processes in Supplier Orientation sessions that are held at our offices located just off the Seattle Campus. Each session includes a short presentation and an opportunity to network with staff in Procurement Services and the Business Diversity Program.



eProcurement How-To Guides

User guides on topics such as how to retrieve quotes, set up a user profile, and order alcohol for research.


Ariba Quick Reference Guide

Do you know which module to use in eProcurement? Check out our handy Quick Reference Guide!

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Twice a year, Procurement Services presents timely information that will assist your department with your fiscal responsibilities. See lists of upcoming forums, past forum videos, and available presentation materials.



UW Supplier Fair

The 10th Annual UW Supplier Fair will take place sometime in March 2016 and is hosted by Procurement Services and the Business Diversity Program. The fair will showcase suppliers in eProcurement, suppliers with a UW contract, as well as small, local, minority and women owned businesses.

You will also have a chance to meet staff from Procurement Services and the Business Diversity Program, so in addition to collecting swag from suppliers in attendance, be sure to stop by our tables to see who you’ve been talking to over the phone all these years. And if that isn’t incentive enough, consider enjoying some of the delectable treats and drink from our light refreshment table.

Need more information? Please contact Katherine Wu at 206-616-3741.


Ariba Training Environment

You can get useful hands-on practice by testing in the Ariba Training Environment before using the production system. The training and production systems are nearly identical. Differences include:

  • Users set up with ASTRA authorizations for approvals may not match what is in production.
  • The email address for most users is set to, which is a non-functioning email, so that users will not receive email notifications from the training system.
  • Suppliers will not be set up with the same functionality as production because we don't want to transmit orders to them from the test environment.

The table below provides a current list of suppliers you can use to test out various eProcurement modules and scenarios in the Ariba Training Environment:

Ariba Training Environment Suppliers

Supplier Name Supplier Number eProcurement Modules

Non-Catalog Ordering
Non-PO Invoice

University of Washington - Test
(Ariba Test Supplier Catalog)
9999 Catalog Ordering
Non-Catalog Ordering
Non-PO Invoice

Foreign Supplier

277548 BPO
Non-Catalog Ordering
Non-PO Invoice
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