Procurement Desktop Reports (PDR)

Procurement Desktop Reports (PDR) are a suite of web-based reports developed by Procurement Services. The reports draw data from the PAS Data Warehouse nightly and JP Morgan Chase PaymentNet once a month.

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Accessing Data in PDR

PDR is an open access system but is only available to those with a staff NetID. Shared and student NetIDs are not allowed. To access the report data you will also need to know your 11-digit organization code. Read more about PDR access on our Access to PDR page. 

Available Reports - Use the PDR Report Directory:

Reports are available for various categories of data and are useful to departments for many processes, including: approving payment of invoices, tracking payments, budget reconciliation, assuring appropriate use of department resources, and managing compliance issues. 

 TIP: We recommend checking these reports often to assist with your department's reconciliation process.

For a list of current reports available in PDR and a brief summary of what they contain, please go to the Report Directory in PDR.

The reports are grouped by category.

  • Click on the box with the + sign next to the category of interest to expand and read details about the available reports in each category and their descriptions.
  • Once you have determined the report you want to view, click on the blue report Title to be taken to the report.

 TIP: For help navigating the report data, check out the Helpful Hints PDR in the Report Directory under the Home category.

For a list of frequently-accessed reports, simply go to the My Reports PDR, which is also located in the Report Directory under the Home category. This PDR displays a list of reports you’ve run for a chosen time period, and it includes the last run date, run frequency and hyperlinks to run the listed reports.

New! PDR Improvements as of September 16, 2015

Scans of journal vouchers, check requests, and PAS PO invoices will be kept in the Enterprise Document Management System (EDMS). This will be a fairly transparent change, which includes some new improvements to the scanned images users see in PDR.

When a user runs certain reports in Procurement Desktop Reports (PDR), the document links will feature an enhanced screen view to show the whole image (no tiny font!), better printing output, and Adobe Reader controls for rotating and saving the files.

Also, the Invoice Image Lookup by DSI report will prompt users to click a link to open the image.

Enhanced Screen View

Per request from our users, PDR has been updated to show the full document on the page instead of a partial view. 

Printing Output

With the new scans displaying in Adobe Reader, users will notice that the print functionality differs slightly from other reports in PDR. To print, click Tools and then Print from your browser menu. Or see Adobe Controls below.

Adobe Controls

In addition to printing changes, users also have better controls for rotating and saving documents. To view document options, simply hover your mouse over the bottom of the page until the Control Bar appears. Click the Adobe icon on the far right. This opens the Adobe Toolbar which provides additional options for viewing, exporting, sending, and saving the document. 

Users who have the Adobe Toolbar installed should also have these options.

System Requirements

Use Adobe Reader to view, print, and save documents. Need to download Adobe Reader to view your scanned documents? See:

For Windows users, do not use the Windows Reader app as it does not function properly with the EDMS system. Only use Adobe Reader. 

Windows Reader App Icon:

Additional Help

For questions or comments regarding Procurement Desktop Report, please contact

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