Determining the Biennium to be Charged

Goods and services must be received on or before June 30 to be charged to the old biennium. Goods and services received July 1 and after will be charged to the new biennium. Invoices must be received in Accounts Payable by the cutoff date listed on the chart of Biennium Close Document Types & Cut-Off Dates.

PAS Invoices

Accounts Payable processes Vendor / Supplier invoices based on PAS purchase orders.  On occasion, a supplier will send payable invoices directly to the UW Department. Please send supplier invoices directly to Accounts Payable (AP) at Box 354967.  Do not send invoices to the Purchasing Department.

Note: Use the Procurement Desktop Reports (PDR) to monitor the progress of your invoices during the biennium close process and help resolve invoices that are in discrepancy before the biennium close.

>> RIP invoices (under $10,000):
  • Invoices dated June 30 and prior will be charged to old biennium funds (regardless of the biennium indicated on the purchase order)
  • Invoices dated July 1 can be paid on old biennium or new biennium funds depending on when the items were received.
  • Invoices dated July 2 and after will be paid on new biennium funds.
>> Non-RIP invoices (over $10,000):

State the actual date of receipt or performance. Invoices will be charged to the correct biennium according to the date the goods or services were received. 

Note: You can track and submit approval for invoices that are pending NonRIP department approval by reviewing the Procurement Desktop Reports


Rental Invoices, maintenance services invoices & deposits:

If the rental, maintenance service or deposit takes place June 30 and prior, it will be charged to old biennium funds.  Invoices for rentals, maintenance services and deposits that take place on July 1st and after will be charged to new biennium funds.  Under normal circumstances payments for invoices on the new biennium funds will not be available until July 10th unless Accounts Payable is notified in advance.


Credit Memos:

Credit Memos received in Accounts Payable on or prior to June 19th will be credited to the biennium cited in the requisition. Credit Memorandums received in Accounts Payable after June 19th will be credited to new biennium funds.