Personal Moves

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The University of Washington is permitted by the state of Washington to pay moving expenses for eligible new or transferring employees. The Lump Sum Moving Allowance is a UW preferred option to facilitate paying an employee for expenses associated with a move to the University.

If you are unable to do a Lump Sum Moving Allowance, please see the Household & Laboratory Moves page.

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Lab / Office Moves

picture of an office moveThe University of Washington has two options for departments that need to move their lab or office:

For local office or lab moves within the UW Seattle Campus, contact UW Moving Services
For intrastate office or lab moves  within Washington State only, email
For interstate office or lab moves across state lines, see the Household & Laboratory Moves page

Need help?

Contact: About: OPUS set-up Reimbursement of travel expenses related to relocation State of Washington Contracted Moves Local office or lab moves