Departments can view the status of their online PAS invoices by accessing PDR. Below is information on what is available within the Accounts Payable PDR reports.

Received Invoices
Invoices received in Accounts Payables, logged into Document Logging module, but have not yet been processed in PAS. If there is a hold code next to the invoice it is because we are working on resolving a discrepancy. There are several hold codes, below is a list and description of each:
  • 35 = Pending supplier update, either new remit address needs to be added to PAS or supplier is registering for electronic payment.
  • 36 = Procurement Services is waiting for completed Supplier Registration
  • 99 = AP is waiting for PO to be updated by Purchasing. PO is either not in payable status or has the wrong supplier. Contact the buyer listed on the PO for information.
  • 100 = AP is unable to process the invoice because there is an existing Online Invoice Discrepancy. View the Online Invoice Discrepancies report for additional information and to contact the buyer to assist in resolution.

Note: the images of the invoices are not available on this report. AP images the invoices after they are processed in PAS. The invoice images are available as PDF’s in the rest of the reports below by clicking on the invoice number within the reports.

Invoices Cleared for Payment
Once an invoice is matched to the Online Purchase Order in PAS it will show on this report. This report shows the scheduled payment date. If the invoice should not be paid contact at least 2 business days before the scheduled payment date by clicking on the DSI (document sequence identifier) within the report. This will open your email client with information about the invoice.
Online Invoice Discrepancies
If your invoice is found on this report it is because there was a discrepancy matching it to the Purchase Order in PAS.

Work with the Purchasing buyer assigned to your order to help resolve the discrepancy. By clicking on the buyer’s name in the report it will open your email client with information about the invoice. AP must receive approval to clear the discrepancy from the buyer in Purchasing in order to release payment.

NonRIP Invoices Pending
Invoices over $10,000 pending department approval before we can release payment.

Click on the DSI within the report to complete the webform with your department approval. Once approval has been submitted it will take approximately 2 days for the invoice to be cleared and expedited for payment.

When a NonRIP invoice will be charging your budget it will show on your report, even if the Purchase Order was placed by a different department. The approval should come from the office that placed and received the order. For example, if a Purchase Order has 8 shared budgets the invoice will show on the report for each budget, but the approval should come from the department placing the order.
Invoices Paid
This report will show historical data about invoice already paid. Complete information going back to January 2008 is available within the report. Some information prior to that date may also be found in the report. Data will be stored going forward for up to 6 years in this report.

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