Accounts Payable receives vendor invoices for Online PAS Purchase Orders by US Mail, Campus mail and personal delivery. To provide visibility in the payment process, they are logged within 48 hours of receipt in AP into a UW created Document Logging module in PAS.

Rapid Invoice Payment (RIP) Process:  Invoices up to $10,000
After invoices are logged they will be processed and matched to the online PAS Purchase Order within 10 business days of receipt in AP.  The invoice image will be visible in PDR within 24 hours of processing.

Barring any discrepancies, payment will be scheduled net 30 days from the invoice received date unless otherwise specified in the terms and conditions of the PO contract.

The department should notify at least 2 days before the payment scheduled date if payment should be held or cancelled. 

If your department needs a copy of an invoice, you can view and print the image through PDR.


Non-RIP Process: Invoices over $10,000
Non-RIP invoices received with pre-approval department memo or UW invoice voucher (signed/dated) will be processed for expedited payment within 10 days of receipt in AP.

Non-RIP invoices received directly from the vendor will be logged and processed in PAS, but will be pending department approval before payment can be released. These invoices will be visible in PDR on the NonRIP Invoices Pending report.

Payment will not be released on these invoices until AP receives approval from department that includes information about who received the goods or services, date received, and who is approving payment. Departments can click on the DSI hyperlink within the NonRIP Invoices Pending report in PDR to access a webform for submitting department approval.

When a NonRIP invoice will be charging your budget it will show on your report, even if the Purchase Order was placed by a different department. The approval should come from the office that placed and received the order. For example, if a Purchase Order has 8 shared budgets the invoice will show on the report for each budget, but the approval should come from the department placing the order.