You are eligible for the UW to pay for expenses you incur in your household move based on your employing unit's funding availability. Even though you may meet all State of Washington eligibility requirements, your employing unit may be more specific in their requirements. Be sure you and your employing unit agree and understand the authorized limits for your move.

General eligibility criteria are:

  • current UW employee transferred at the request of the UW
  • new, non-temporary employment status (with an active appointment)
  • employment as Academic Personnel, Professional Staff, or Classified Staff as defined in the UW Policy Directory. Types of University Personnel

If you terminate or cause termination of your employment with the UW (for reasons referenced in RCW 43.03.125) within one year (or 9 months for nine month academic personnel) of your appointment effective date, you will be liable for reimbursing the UW all paid expenses associated with your household move.


Request for Moving Expenses (A33 form)

Update: As of October 1, 2011, A-33 forms are not required to be routed through Academic Personnel.

The signed Request for Moving Expenses (A33) Form gives you authority to move your household goods in connection with UW employment. Your original signature, plus signatures from your chair/director or department head, and dean/chancellor, vice president or vice provost are required.  For deans/chancellors, vice presidents and vice provosts, the signature of the Office of the Provost or President is required.

Your original signature is required on the A33 form. Complete this form and return it to your department as soon as you know you are moving; failure to do so could delay your move.


PLEASE NOTE: In signing your A33 form, you are indicating you are in receipt of the official State of Washington Moving Expense Regulations and Guide.


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