UW Supplier Registration

A current UW Supplier Registration must be on file to do business with the University of Washington.

UW Procurement Services has an online supplier registration portal for suppliers doing business with the University. This replaces all paper supplier registration forms, including the IRS W-9, and allows suppliers to register online, making the process more user-friendly and efficient.

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When Supplier Registration Form (SRF) is Needed

  • New suppliers (not currently in the vendor database) being paid through purchase orders
  • New suppliers that need to be paid through Non-PO Invoice
  • Suppliers that were previously registered with UW but have had their information deleted due to lack of use (supplier information deletes out of the vendor file if the vendor is not used for 2 years)
  • When a business's name and /or tax payer information or ID number changes, is missing or is flagged as not matching IRS records.

This Supplier Registration Form process was created in collaboration with the Business Diversity Program and campus customers to meet the various state and federal reporting requirements.

Supplier Registration is required as a prerequisite for doing business with the University of Washington, and should not be interpreted as a method of becoming a preferred vendor. The Supplier Registration process through this portal is distinct and separate from the WEBS registration requirement. For more information on WEBS registration, please visit our Information for Suppliers page.

Supplier Onboarding Timeline

The supplier onboarding process also includes 1) the supplier's information from the online registration form is verified with the IRS, and 2) the supplier completing the enrollment process for electronic payment. Because the full process involves multiple parties and UW process partners, we are advising all new suppliers that the complete onboarding process can be as short as 1-2 weeks, but may also take as long as 5 weeks. While a new supplier may receive a Vendor Number for the UW system, no payments can be issued until the full onboarding process has been completed.

Electronic Payment

The University of Washington's preferred payment method is by payment card, also known as ePayables. Read more about the ePayables program including frequently asked questions, payment terms and conditions and more on the ePayables website.

Taxpayer ID Number Verification

Effective July 1st, 2010, Procurement Services implemented a new procedure to verify that the Taxpayer ID Number (TIN) and the name of any 1099 reportable supplier is consistent with Internal Revenue Service information. The IRS matches the information we provide on a suppliers’ 1099-MISC form with information the supplier reports on their federal income tax return. Any differences, however insignificant, may result in IRS penalties. In order to avoid penalties, it is imperative that the information provided to the UW on a Supplier Registration Form matches EXACTLY with how it appears on the income tax return submitted to the IRS.

When a new supplier is added to the UW system, we are verifying with the IRS that the information provided on the supplier registration form matches their database. If it does not match, we will hold the supplier registration (along with any payments) until the correct information is received and confirmed. The UW is making every effort to ensure that the information we report to the IRS is a match prior to making any payments. Please refer to the instructions at www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/iw9.pdf for more information on the information that should be provided.

If you are a sole proprietor or disregarded LLC, you must enter your individual name on the first line of the Supplier Registration form and any business name on the second line, if applicable.

How to Find a Supplier in the Vendor Database


How do you search for a supplier in PAS
There are three ways to search for a supplier in the PAS system;
  • search by supplier name,
  • by vendor number or
  • manually entering the supplier information

The attached Power Point presentation titled How to find a supplier in the PAS database will demonstrate these different methods.

What if the supplier is not in the Vendor Database?
  1. Manually enter the supplier name and address into the PAS system if they are not currently in the Vendor File.
  2. Forward a link to the Supplier Registration Portal to the Supplier.
What transactions are exempt from the Direct Buy Guideline? A list of the transactions typically exempt from the Direct Buy Limit guideline is available on the Direct Buy Limit Information web page



Please review our Supplier Registration Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

You may also contact Procurement Customer Service at (206) 543-4500 or email them at pcshelp@uw.edu.

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